Editors Note: Peace be unto you. We bear witness that many that come to trash the legacy of Michael Jackson are those that hid in the closet as Jim and the Black Crow saw race and threw love and compassion away that God granted to all human beings. This is why those Black have the responsibility to write our own history. We realize that there are some that will never embrace the God sent message of no respecter of persons.


Greetings Brethren,


Peace be unto you. We bring you greetings from our Father God Almighty and His son our Savior Christ Jesus, blessed also is the Holy Spirit that moves and guides us the straight and often narrow way. As we continue our sojourn all along the Watch Tower we look out and see Unity. Did Michael Jackson show us a spirit of Unity never seen in the Black community? Did this same Unity spill over into the world that encompasses all people that live upon this earth? Is Unity then an important element to be realized, cherished and treasured in the Black community and among the masses that live and die?


Many days have been lost to those that denied and defied unity. Meanwhile the innocent and guilty suffered as Willie Lynch and those sworn to be unjust feasted on mis-trust, self hate, self genocide and denial of family, friends and brother. But with the sudden passing of our beautiful young brother Michael Jackson Unity has become ever present throughout the Black community. Therefore we see a great consensus on Michaelís contributions and not rumors and unfounded accusations. Thus a celebration of his life transpired that the world has never seen.


Unity Human & In Black


My heart felt good as I heard time and time

again that we should concentrate on the goodness

of Michael and not stale, old lies that speak of things

not in harmony with a man whose mood we see as

love, compassion and concern for all that liveth.


Many foes and those that thrived on different opinions

came to the same table and came away with the same

message of unity that I even heard in my sleep. So up and

down the Hood the suburbs, Black officials, leaders, politicians

and the man and woman in the streets spoke of love.


Did love then spell out unity? Can you then have a union

without love? What comes first? Love precedes unity for

in love all things are possible. Thus in Jesus which is love

we can accomplish all things. So as the world poured out

love I sat and marveled at the subtle realities that I saw,


Regarding the Black experience. If we can come in love and

unity for Michael Jackson what else can we do? We will not

forget Michael because his legacy will live forever in his music

and his outstanding achievements in the entertainment industry.

But will we forget each other in the process?


Those that love Michael as you say you do continue in love for

your brother your sister for that old man and woman for the young

and helpless, the homeless those that hunger and for the minorities and

those with the greatest numbers. But most of all send love to those

that are poor in material things and in spirit.


Did Michael come upon the earth to do more than sing and dance?

Will you think on these things? Will you reflect on his great impact

on the world that has never been seen? What does it mean? Have we

seen something in Michael Jackson that will not be realized in a fortnight?

I will stay in the Spirit for in this realm I am not blind.


I see more than a great singer, dancer and entertainer of no comparison.

I see a human being that loved to see those united in love for all things

that needed repair and those that thought they had it going on. Look on

Brother, sister and catch the beat and thrill of love and come together to

make this way of the world a better place.


I listened and I thought on much music. I witnessed great showmanship

and I also became aware of other things other than the song. Meanwhile

a messenger spoke as he had come to do such. Who will listen? He has

been heard and the trees cried out as the wind blew and the sun never

fell in shaded places as the Light was brighter each day.


Cont. Part 3: FreedomJournal Tribute To Michael Jackson


Peace and Golden Paradise, Carl A. Patton a willing slave and servant of Almighty God and Christ Jesus writing for the FreedomJournal Press a God Fearing Free Press 10 July 2009 in the year of our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus.

All rights reserved by FreedomJournal Press 2009.