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In the name of God Master, of the Universe, Ruler of the earth


Editors Note: As the Spirit in all of its divine qualities move us we have come to see and realize the miraculous gift to see way back then, now and that future time. This comes by way of the on-going conversion.  There is no healing without the on-going conversion, first to the spiritual realm and then the physical realm as God’s will unfolds. There are no souls converted to Christ once and for always as there is no one that liveth that is once saved always saved. The road to salvation is an on-going process of responsibility as the conversion continues to unfold.

Meanwhile we grasped and took hold of our conversion and began to be able to see where we came from in days past and gone by. The relief from death’s door was not by accident as luck for the righteous is seen in a blessing as there is no such thing as advantageous advantage in the secular world. Now we also can understand the present as we keep God first and stay in prayer. This same God also allows us to see and embrace Jesus thus we know of a brighter future filled with His Light.



Part 1: Looking Back

Part 2: Embarking On the Road To Salvation

Part 3: Wandering In The Wilderness: Finding My Way



Peace be unto you. There is a great need for all that liveth to see the realities of the past, present and the future as we make this sojourn. We (FreedomJournal Press) have written about our on-going conversion. Therefore the sojourn on this side is forever in motion.


Our past that was yesterday may also impact on tomorrow as those in the present look backward. I learned to tie my shoes on yesterday and today and tomorrow my boots will be tied tight.


Dimensions In Time


Many things were started and talked about

in 2009 and 2008. “Going to Heaven And

The 50 Cent Picture Show,” will be a monumental

work as all the pages, words, paragraphs, verses

and chapters and Books of the Bible will be digested.


Long but not drawn out this book will reveal a

simple, but life or death message. You cannot

buy or pay your way to heaven. The revelations

on Dr. E., Albert Einstein, “Religion, God and Science”

Einstein God, Religion & Science

                                                                  soon developed an inescapable equation.


Thus a new theory was born as its birth came

with the Creation and Genesis. Thus the non-

conformist has always been with us and so

has T=ss² and the Spiritual Scientist. Meanwhile

T=ss² (The Theory of Nonconformity)

                                                           “The Methodology For Obtaining Truth,”

                                                              The Methodology For Obtaining Truth



                                                            Crowds this mix of Spirit-filled intellect.

The future looms and looks just ahead. A

more commercialized FreedomJournal  Press may

generate resources to publish and develop.

“King Cobra: The Saga of the Black General.”


This book was penned long ago in1995. As a

historical novel it will set well on screen and stage.

Historical novels are a joy to create as the pleasure

and leisure of going any way the Spirit moves

as you write is a blessing.


So as we complete our extended discussion on

“The Power and Miracle of Prayer,” another

novel reaches out and begs to be written.

“Moon Dog,” is the life and times of several

Black men in the rural and urban South,


From 1912 until around 2000. Three men that

lived at different and overlapping time

periods walk on in history as their tales are

told. Will 2010 bring an end to our posting

the FreedomJournal On-Line and move to,


An On-Line News Paper? We pray for a

Apple Computer as we continue to pray for

repentance, love, thanks and peace. More

time has been counted for most as my time

and your time ain’t long.


Peace and Paradise,

Dr. Carl A. Patton writing for the FreedomJournal Press 3 January 2010 in the year of our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus.


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