(November 28, 2007 by Carl A. Patton)



This was yet another day

I lived for, as I once again

embraced the Creation.


All the days of my life

I had seen the majesty

of Godís Creation.


My time ainít long as

I thought of this illustrious

and prominent beauty.

Yes, just one more time.


I heard the birds sing in

my pen. The underbrush sounded

and a rabbit a squirrel moved

with excitement there.


I could always feel, see,

hear and touch the Wind.

The sky remained in its

elegant and graceful charm.

There was sunshine and rain.


The beautiful towering majestic

trees stood tall. I often thought

of them as the big flowers.

They bloomed in all seasons.


I saw the lofty magnificent

tree limbs move. Pine

needles swayed but did

not break.


There was good joy in seeing

others in the flesh that also

saw great appreciation in this

splendid and stately gift.


Oh, so silent is this place in time.

The wise saw love in the outdoors

as they fell for its charm and embrace.


Meanwhile the precious Wind

blew, caressing all that existed.

I looked and I saw sunshine.

I also saw Peace. All things God

Created were good.


The poets hope to keep it that way.

Surely there is Peace in the Wind.

Do all feel the Wind? but few actually

see the Spirits move.





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