(4 March 2009 Victory Park, by Carl A. Patton)


Peace be forever with you. We are forever thankful for the smallest things in life? I am grateful that God our Father has provided air for us to breathe. I also have food to eat, shelter and clothes to wear. If there be any riches here so be it but what are riches anyway? I saw a man of wealth on a death bed. I also saw a man of faith lying reposed at peace as he knew of his time to make the transition. He looked no more to any medicine or food as he was packed and ready to go. His heart was full. Meanwhile the other man counted money and things that had no room or place.


Brethren I come seeing and

standing on faith. The beans,

red, black, pinto, white and

black-eyed never ran out and

were never cold in my house.


What bread I broke was

good bread as the spiritual

food came first. Surely there

was always something good

to be thankful for.


Thus we come recording the

good and there has never been

a bad day.