(By Carl A. Patton, 16 July 2008)





Greetings Brethren,


To the Church and believing Christians everywhere. Peace be unto you. We also pray for grace and mercy from our Father and His son our Savior Christ Jesus blessed by the Holy Spirit.


Beloved often even the righteous become confused about what is good and what is bad. One can also say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and so is Truth, distortions and lies.


“Once there was a man who came to conquer and colonize and take as hostages a group of people. He also came to rape and pillage the land and its resources. Thus he built great roads that led to the sea. He believed all these things as good and positive.

However the indigenous people of this land called “The Land of the Blacks” saw these things as negative because there were no interior roads nor was there any interest in building hospitals and schools.”


Meanwhile in the analysis of the Historical record the words negative and positive become confused. Most dictionaries define negative as saying no; expressing or containing refusal. A word or statement that says no or denies; negative reply or answer. To say not to; to deny; vote against.


However the word is mis-used and misapplied when used to reject, deny are describe as negative any aspect of the Historical record. For example some people take issue and claim the Jewish recollection of the Jewish Holocaust is an exercise in negative History. Many of these same people also would argue that the recording of facts that have made a transition in the Black Experience resulting from the time of American slavery (The Black Holocaust) is also negative.


Therefore the verbs “call in question and “refute” may be better words are phrases to be used instead of the use of the word negative. But basically the problem we have is that some people have a problem with any discussion and recording of facts they do not understand, do not agree with etc.  and that they believe is negative/bad.


“There was once a man building a small house. However the Saw Mill had delivered wood that was not suitable for building purposes. The wood was later identified as being of poor quality and was only good for firewood. A simple evaluation of the situation rendered that this wood was bad, negative and unsuitable. However to deny this fact would mean one had become a fool and also the house would fall down.”


Follow us beloved and stay with us as we are in our introduction still defining terms so we can get at the real meaning of the positive and the negative.


Thus comes the positive. The nay-sayers and those that try to deny certain aspects of the Historical record say “we need to always think in the positive.” So what is positive and is this possible? Also is positive for you positive for me? What about the negative? If I come to refute something, what do I bring to the table? The man lost in the world who lost all his money (got broke) at the crap (dice) table had to get up and leave as he had nothing to bet with.  Also can one always reach out for the positive in any negative situation? Is this also the role and mission of all that profess to believe in the Creator? Thus is there a positive aspect in all so-called negative situations? Can you bring to the table the most negative/bad situations are Historical occurrences you can recall and reach for the positive?


For example what was positive in the Jewish Holocaust? What was positive in American Slavery (The on-going Black Holocaust) the most inhumane episode in the annals of world civilization? Was Jewish unity sealed tight as a drum? Is the record of slavery a proving ground for understanding the contemporary Black Experience? What happened to Black unity? Was the young man who was a great athlete and student scholar who was killed in a tragic automobile accident at the height of his young career in anyway positive? What of the family? Did some come to Christ? Did some see Spiritual healing as the greatest aspect of the healing process? Did the family learn to accept God’s will?


Meanwhile we see in the common dictionary positive as the admitting of no question: without doubt; sure. Definite; emphatic.  Look at this simple definitive quality of this word? Again we see   that this word often placed alongside negative is used out of context when people use it to attack or critique Historical messengers.


Good and bad are better terms to use. They are also quite simple thus allowing the lost intellectual to understand. So is the Historical record good or bad to some people? Because positive and negative confuses the issue. We don’t want to lose are confuse you in this thought process. Therefore we will note several concerns as we pursue this discussion. “The Historical record” just what is it? What is the utility of “understanding” certain facts in discerning the good from the bad are the negative and the positive?


Well do those that write of negative and bad things have an interest in “demeaning “and casting malice at anyone or institution? Just how does the “secular record” clash with are draw parallels with the “Historical record of the church?”


Brethren are some people confused about the word History? I hear the exponents of Black History in days and times past say “His Story.” Thus meaning that the History of the world was solely written and presented by Europeans in a White Supremacist perspective. Well this is not true because as I write I have great difficulty thinking as a European to make for example some sense of the positive nature of all roads leading to the sea. For the record is this a primary reason for the need for independent, responsible Black Social Scientists? We also note with dedicated responsibility the role of the Black intellectual to bring Truth to the Historical record.  However the Black intellectual is lost from our experiences and practices covert campaigns of outrageous opposition to our books, research etc. Meanwhile most Black intellectuals have basically failed to carry out their expressed responsibility in the classroom and in their research etc. We also note the responsibility of the Biblical scholars and those called to the inspirations of God’s word to follow the Spirit and stay with God’s Truth regardless of the wicked and vile ways of a world gone to the dogs. Those called will follow God and those that mock at the calling will follow the other guy.


But pray tell us just what is History if some people have left  reality and really believe that one should not recall the past especially those things they don’t like and believe to be  negative/bad?


In a simple and definitive definition of History we find the utter insanity in those that seek to deny its primary importance in the on-going development and progress for world civilizations. History is a statement of what has happened. A systematic, chronological account of important events connected with a country, people, individuals, etc. Usually with an explanation of causes, effects etc.


We also note that a Historian is a person who writes about History. A scholar who is an authority on History. Furthermore in the definitive nature of Historic, there is a reference to the famous or important things in History. Important to who?


“There was once a foolish man who finally learned to tie his shoes. However he learned to tie his shoes on Monday and the day he questioned History was on Tuesday. His shoes were left untied and so was his mind as they carried him away making History to a place of the living the dead and the mindless.”


Meanwhile the Social Scientist that makes an analysis and records the Histories of humankind are not just some mean devils that want to bring havoc and ruin to any element in society. Rest assured they are only messengers because they did not create the circumstances and the resulting phenomenon of the Historical record. Therefore there is an expressed and dire need to clearly understand the importance of the Historical record. This has nothing to do with understanding complex Historical concerns. Only that on yesterday I learned to ride a bicycle that was History. If I deny this simple and uncomplicated Truth I defy History. Resulting in the inability to ride the bicycle the next day. For the record there is no living creature that truly denies the essence of History that is in his right mind.


Can one clearly understand basic things about life without History? Who loves the episodes of genocide that have occurred in Africa? However to deny the existence of this attack on human life will not allow one to understand the History of the region. Thus Economic, Political, Sociological, Psychological and Historical realities will fall by the wayside. Thus resulting in a flawed view of the continent and of human behavior.


Meanwhile the messengers in our camp are inspired by Almighty God to record Historical events paying attention to how these events impact on the times in which we now live. However we often confront those that believe that we need to forget about the past. Thus we are often called various names. Some also attach hate to their description of this writer and Psyche Z Publishing/ FreedomJournal. However we come not to demean nor do we come to tear down anyone or institution. But it is for sure we do not advocate supporting institutions that have Historically abused, economically exploited and brought physical and psychological harm on people that have been pushed into subservience.


Therefore evaluations and discussions concerning Historical events etc. are used to provide a fruitful learning process and contribute to the existing literature. No responsible Historian or writer presents information solely for negative (bad) reasons are just to attack someone else. However we bring the polemic up for review. Polemic means argument; dispute; controversy. Polemics then is the art or practice of disputation or controversy. For the record my Doctoral Dissertation now entitled “The Black Conspiracy: The Rise and Fall of a Commission Form of Government” was noted as polemical by the Atlanta University Department of Political Science, former Chairman William Boone (now known as Clark Atlanta University). However the art of controversy is always noted in instances where there is serious disagreement. But the main objection to this research that caused the A.U. Department of Political Science to reject it and commit larceny by stealing my rightfully earned Doctoral Degree was that it exposed corrupt Black leaders then and now.


For the record this research is now posted on our web pages, .   You will be able to determine for yourself if the Atlanta University Department of Political Science committed academic crimes or just plain ignorant.  However I argue they are ignorant and also greedy because somebody paid them some money to commit the academic and intellectual crimes of the attempted destruction of the Truth of the Black electorate and Black Straw Boss Leaders in Chattanooga, Tennessee. We will also be soliciting resources to assist our efforts to produce (and publish the previously mentioned book/dissertation) a Documentary taken from this research entitled: “The Chattanooga News Weekly: The Fight Against Racism & The Black Conspiracy (A Town To Tough To Tame).” This research is the prime example of the mis-education we have experienced in our graduate educational encounters. See “Fallen Letters: Mis-Education & Intellectual Confusion: Essays on the Black Experience).” This book gives a detailed description of the callous denial of academic freedoms and 1st Amendment violations this writer experienced as a student at Atlanta University 1980-1986. For information about the intellectual crimes at Atlanta University.


Therefore just because someone takes issue with our research and the work of others does not make the work polemical or an exercise in hate. I would argue that those that deny Truth exist in a lost world of hate and confusion. Thus grasping at ignorance as they flirt with stupidity.


We will now move to look at the parallels of the secular record and the record and or history of the Church. Is there more opposition to those that look to the Bible than those that look at mere history books? We have previously noted the historical record and its importance. However secular has the distinction of being things connected with the world and its affairs; of things not religious or sacred. However the historical/secular record often coincides with the recording of Biblical history.


The world is noted within the religious realm as a negative place and is counter to things Godly. But of course secular history is not devoid of Truth even for the believers. Also there are many things that are described as negative/bad in reference to the world from the secular view. Meanwhile those that look to the Bible stand in opposition to many things of the world. We also note with all confidence that most so-called believers are ignorant as to the true history of the Church. For example a correct or knowledgeable history of Christianity would remove many of the denominations, cults and religious groups from the face of the earth. There is only one Christianity and this faith was/is noted by the Prophets in the Holy Bible, Christ Jesus and the Apostles.


Meanwhile the greatest threat to good sense and the Church resides in those that cry foul whenever there is a critique are review of things that many lost Churches follow and practice. Therefore there is an effort to prevent, deny and expel those that bring Church leaders and unbiblical doctrines up for review.


Brethren as we go this

way in prayer we will always

be able to see. There is

no positive and negative with

God. There is always good.


Just how can I see Peace

and Paradise if I don’t

remember John? Will the

Prophets ever cease to sing

as I listen to the Psalms of David?


Who will dare to disturb the memory

of Christ and the Cross? We say no to

movies and stage productions but the

Word as it is written stands. This is enough.


I know from the historical, looking at the

past a record of a bleak and dark time

when because of race, religion, class and

economics and to fuel a war machine genocide

erupted and the attempt to control all of the world.


The record what we read says this was carried

out on the people that once were first chosen by

God. There are distinct parallels between these

people as we look to the record and not man and

those kidnapped from “The Land Of the Blacks.”


Many were taken hostage and served for 400 years.

In Egypt they mourned and those taken from the

West and East coasts of Africa later also cried.

Did you see their tears? I heard them cry from a

history book that led me to many other books.


The seeds of hate, bigotry based on race still

leaning on economics made a transition from old

to new still carry burning crosses in the

hearts and minds of some men lost in hate.

Name calling also came and some lost their names.


How can we help them if we forget the record?

John recalled the record not out of malice or

hate, but to protect and help society heal and reach

Paradise. Meanwhile the most important recollections are in

the Book. I will not be taken from its pages.


However many that want to follow man-made laws

tactfully lay it down. I thus see many tricked and

beguiled into thinking God said it but man said it and

he lied. Just how can those a-like reproduce? Will the

blind also seduce dogs and sheep?


However those caught up in politically correct crucify

Tolerance and go to the extreme. Genesis flows to

Revelation and beyond. Peace and Paradise is found there.

Babylon will fall and so will the, various cults and the attack

on the Church.


I only recall one Bible I also know of only one God, one

Christ and one Holy Spirit. There is also only one Church.

There it is written a Messianic return for this Church. I pray that

all will be counted in that number. However this will not be possible

if you fail to recall history.


A lost world is stricken with things negative/bad.

However the righteous see not negative, positive

good are bad as they see God. You cannot see

God if you don’t have a burning desire to look forward to the

present future and the promised future.


Peace and Paradise, Carl A. Patton a willing servant of our Savior Christ Jesus writing for the FreedomJournal 17 July 2008.





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