(6 April 2008 by Carl A. Patton)



Upon reading an editorial “Selective

Freedom of Speech” in one of our

prominent regional newspapers,

I thought:


Black and White robes and hoods of

Black and White Supremacy stood at

blood burning White and Black Crosses.

Fire to the wicked cross came

with selfish notions and the distaste

for those that looked like self.


Meanwhile some came to protect the

1st amendment that had a Biblical and

secular history of oppression. They stood

in democracy for those united by racial animosity.

With free speech in mind they came to protect the

rights of hooded men that had stood against them.


Hitler built more ovens. However he would

be saved as the Civil Libertians came to his

rescue.   Here hails the greatest example of

democracy on earth. But democracy is for all men.


Sadly we see them lean toward Satan as

there is no 1st amendment for the Black,

Brown the White the Yellow and the Red that

stand with God and Christ.


Is Free Speech only for all things immoral?

They claimed organizations for good speech

on the left and right. Thus Free Speech came

to be defined. Free on the left Free on the right.


Can you be a true Black American and have

free speech? What if you sincerely follow

God and Christ? To do this you have to believe

in the Bible.


There was once a man who had

as many others did unique academic

experiences. Here in his case his

rights of academic freedoms and the

1st Amendment became a whipping post.


He heard that Black Studies in his fourth

year of study was only a fad and would

pass as quickly as the Afro comb and Afro

hair do.


So soon after the 60’s he was at a higher

institution and found here a Black Program

that was supposed to train him to teach

those young in his Black community.


Being naive and idealistic he did not know

that most of these programs were just paper

programs and paper tigers. They meant not

what they said. Remember Paper Programs:

Paper Moon?


He had no academic freedoms as he was not

washed in the brain. Certain topics were not

suited for your rise to the Black middle-class

nor the so-called Black bourgeoisie.


They allowed his credentials although reluctantly.

But they felt not so threatened with a perceived

radical scholar with a Master’s Degree.


However the job market closed because of

selective persecution. A Black list tarred and

feathered had been born and he made the

Dean’s list.


He soon, seven eventful years later was

able to petition for re-entrance to the

educational arena. However he suffered

an even worse fate.


This time he was selected to be persecuted

as they refused to confer this degree and

once again were angry over the audacity of

a Black political scientist doing critical

research about Black politicians.


Who else are to write of Black politicians?

But other Black politicians are the Black

Political Scientists? Again he saw the constitution

and the elusive 1st Amendment go up in smoke

fueled by those who claimed to protect its’

statues with their life.


The Black press called as he was also ran

out of business and the free enterprise system

became only a reality for those still in slavery.


Who dared to take research about the Black

electorate and use it to make a critical analysis

of Black elected and appointed officials?


Many got desperate as they called daily and

threatened his life and those who also assisted

him in writing what they thought was garbage and

filled with tabloid fantasies. No attackers won as

he was blessed but soon to know it.


As his reputation preceded him he was run

out of the news paper business as many Black

Publishers just sold out for advertising dollars

and forfeited and sold his rights again to the

amendment that came first.


As he sought to now publish books his reputation

again preceded him and proved to be a great weapon

for those that manipulated others to continue censorship

and book banning as his books are now burned before

they are printed.


His acceptance of Christ caused added vigor

toward an impossible task of ditch digging.

There was a dominant and often majority

opinion as to what would be told and

written about.


Citizen John Q Black came looking out

upon all of the land. He still saw a land

of many colors and knew that a look

at all of the rainbow was necessary to,


Make some sense of the mess called the

world. He also was able to see these

things as he embraced God and became

born again.


However he was cast out from his people,

family, friends and many he never knew.

The organizations claimed that they only

challenged racism White upon Black.


Thus no efforts were made to protect Blacks

on Blacks as they never existed as Blacks

could not be racists.


Meanwhile someone   tried to control how

the Constitution and the 1st Amendment was

applied. Yes free speech became selective.


Why do you have to have a group to support

your right to the 1st Amendment? Were rights

zero for those not liberal, Conservative but Christian?

As he leaned on the bosom of Jesus he could see

Heaven and this was his only first.



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