Tithes the Con Game of the Black Preacher

In the name of God, the Master of the universe, the Ruler of the earth

What are tithes? A tithe is defined as "one tenth of one's annual income or of the produce of one's land, etc., paid as a tax to support the church or clergy."

The Bible also defines tithes. The biblical interpretations of tithes are revealed in the scriptures. In Genesis 14: 20 we see that Abram gave to Melchizedek, the Lord's priest, the tenth of his spoils taken in battle. In the book of Genesis is also revealed that Jacob is dedicated to God the tenth of his grain. Genesis 28: 22.

Further revelations in the Bible concerning tithes can be found in Deuteronomy 14: 22, 28, 29, Numbers 18:20, Matthew 23:23 and the book of Malachi the third chapter which is most likely the major scripture for the advocacy of tithes. Let it be written that the confusion over tithes to the Church has been planned by those that disobey the scriptures and have been passed down overtime.

In the days of the Bible the Church and state existed on a tax on the land and people. But in modern times there is a separation of church and state. Thus, the complicated and diverse tax laws in today's society do not directly help support the Church. The exception of course is the tax-free exemption given to the Church. But this alone does not fully support the Church.

So the Church collects weekly donations' TV ministries and the highly commercialized Churches collect money 24-7, around the clock seven days a week. This blasphemous con game filters down even to the Black Church.

The great emphasis on money in the Church has sanctioned selfish greed in the ranks of Black preachers. Thus, the Black Church has become a haven for hustlers, con men and stuff players. Should the Church have fund raising events for Men's Day, Women's Day, Usher's Day, Pastor's Anniversary etc.? Where did the celebration of all these various events come from? When the men of the Church are honored do the members lose sight of God? What is more important raising money are Praising God? These questions and many more will be answered as we further develop this question in the future. What is money-changing in the Church?

Therefore, the Black Church is confronted with many contradictions. Money seems to be the reason for the False Prophets of today. Is your Black preacher a hustler, con man first and a servant of God second?

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