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In the name of God, Master of the universe, Ruler of the earth.


We extend greetings of Peace and Goodwill to all that inhabit the planet earth. We come realizing that God will extend His mercy and blessings to all that believe in the one and only God. Thus these blessings are extended to those that embrace African Traditional Religions, the Jews, Christians, and Muslims. This also includes all religions that exist on the planet earth that believe in one God.

The Christian Church has a long tradition of celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. Christianity is said to have been established from the teachings and ministry of Jesus Christ, who came to the planet earth 2000 years ago. The Holy Bible is the primary record for all things associated with Christianity. This record does not note a birth date for Jesus Christ nor does it reveal that the followers of Christianity should celebrate the birth of Jesus at any certain time.

There is much speculation as to the origin of Christmas. Our purpose here is not to debate the origin of Christmas, but more so to look at the results of the celebration called Christmas. To respond to the question of why is there a celebration we note the following:

Jesus Christ has been accepted by the believers of Christianity as the Messiah. The Christians also believe that Jesus is the Son of God. Thus He is Divine and also was/is human in the flesh because he walked the planet earth as a son of man. Jesus Christ is also a part of the Holy Trinity. The Holy Trinity is composed of God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. All three are God and those (Christians) that become saved accept the Holy Trinity as one, realizing that as believers God resides inside them in the Holy Spirit.

As we set the table of Unity, let it be written that we can all come together if we all believe in God. God is the most important thing we all have in common. Thus, those that eat Lamb, Beef or Chicken, or abstain from meat should be able to set in counsel. Therefore, our various communities should come to realize that the choices of meat are vegetables are of little importance when it comes to the survival of our communities and people.

As we return to our question, we note that there is nothing wrong with the celebration of the birth of Jesus. This is true even if we don't know the day of the birth of Jesus. But once again the evil of the non-believers has corrupted the Divine nature of the coming and resurrection of Jesus the Christ as the son of God and man.

Therefore, what should be the role of the Christian Church? What should be the content of the sermons preached during this time of the year? What should be the content of the Christmas Programs within the various churches? Surely there should be reverence to the Messiah. But, the baby Jesus did nothing. Thus, what of the life and ministry of Jesus that laid the foundations for Christianity. Where was Jesus during the period of his wandering? Was Jesus back in Egypt?

Is the race of Jesus important? No, because Jesus came for all people regardless of race. Yes, because there are distortions throughout Christianity and there has historically been an attempt to leave Black people out of Christianity. The economic motivations of racism has also attempted to remove the valid history of the people from the "Land of the Blacks" and their ancestors throughout the world from the history of the world. Thus, it should be clear that Jesus was non-White because the European Whites did not live in the area of the world where Jesus was born. Also for the record Jews that fled Egypt had inter-mixed with the Egyptians who were/are Africans.

Therefore, the racial images of Jesus Christ should be removed. The White Jesus instills the myth of White superiority. Thus, the Black Jesus would instill the myth of Black superiority. It is for sure that Almighty God is not interested in man debating the ethnic origins of God and Jesus Christ. God does not warrant discrimination against anybody, that means Black people and White people.

Meanwhile the merchants of the planet earth, spurned by greed and the competitive free enterprise system have taken Christmas as the "Grand Finale" in their exploitation of every holiday that man has established. The promotion of the "gift thing" and the Pagan madness of trees and ornaments have caused believers and non-believers to often lose sight of any senses that they may have had.

The pursuit of material things causes year-long debt, grief and depression among those that don't have the wherewithal to gather gifts and presents for themselves, friends and relatives. Meanwhile, out of depression and false happiness many people drown themselves in strong drink. This results in menaces on the highways and byways that are filled with not the Christmas spirit but the Devil.

The poor and needy are pimped once again by people who come to feed them once a year. The pimps of oppression, the whore mongers of greed feed on the victims of civil rights abuses. Therefore, they have no interest in teaching or assisting the poor and disenfranchised to feed themselves. Meanwhile, we see these low-life charlatans, the parasites of the land, coming to massage their egos of benevolence at the expense of the down trodden. Also the corrupt, evil mainstream and Uncle Tom media sources give big play to the various charlatans that widely publicize their efforts to feed and clothe the needy.

Where is peace and goodwill to all men? Is it found in gifts, feeding the poor or passing the whiskey bottle?

Is Christmas a Christian religious celebration that means obedience to God? Will obedience to God bring peace? We see the revelers as lost souls just along for the ride. The lack of faith and refusal to submit to God will render an uneventful fiery ride of no return. But, Glory to God, the Peace seekers will reside in Paradise.

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