Are men and women fools to follow God? Is this land a place of earthly paradise? How do you define insurance and good sense? Are the unbelievers really sure that there is no other life?


Carl A. Patton, FreedomJournal


Part 2: The Leadership of Man

In the name of God, Master of the universe, Ruler of the earth.

We thank God for another opportunity to record the Truth of His word. The role of leadership in the church is quite simple. Our first article noted "The Leadership of God." Thus, God is the head of the church. Man has a role as an under shepherd, however he is never placed over God.

We live in a sin sick society. A society where wrong is turned in to right and right into wrong. For example those that record the Truth of God are often scorned and rebuked in this society. The Censorship of Psyche Publishing: FreedomJournal is a leading example of the Devil inspired attack on the Truth of God. Therefore, man seeks to deny our God given right to Free Speech.

Nonetheless, and regardless to the ways of the wicked in this society we will endure. God has all power and God has commissioned us to do a task. Therefore, we have a responsibility to note the foolishness of man following man instead of God. Meanwhile why does man follow man?

Is there any truth in the following responses to this question? Man follows man because he gets paid. Black organizations, Black leaders and a host of other ungodly parasites sell out the Black and poor for hard cash, the funky dollar bill. Man follows man because he has a desire for a heaven on earth. Thus man and the people we have previously noted seek instant gratification. They believe that when you are dead you are done. They have no faith in the Spiritual world.

Man follows man for prestige, power, influence and station in life. Again we see a man that has a limited vision. He wants to see and feel everything in the flesh. He has no confidence in promises of God. Thus, he does not realize that he can't see and feel God because he is cluttered with evil and the desires of Satan.

We return to the scriptures of the New Testament. In 1 Corinthians chapter four we see the Apostle Paul offering counseling to his beloved children in Corinth. As we move to the 4th and 5th verse, we see a reference to judging and wisdom. See: Judgment and The Lambs Book of Life

1 Corinthians 4:4

"For I know nothing by myself; yet am I not hereby justified: but he judgeth me is the Lord."

Identifying sin is not judging. The false prophets and those that have willfully distorted the scriptures have confused the issue of judging. We believe that many leaders in the churches have been guilty of various obvious sins and have willfully taught the people that identifying sin (judging) was wrong. To recognize and identify sin is not judging. How can you keep sin out of the church if you don't identify it?

The Lord is the only one capable of judging. The wisdom of man cannot match the Lord's. However, man has a responsibility and duty as a Christian to identify sin and take some action.

In the 5th verse we see Paul urging the Corinthians not to judge prematurely. God will appoint the time of judgment which will take place when he returns. Only God knows all the facts and your secrets.

As we continue to reflect on the verses in this chapter we see further revelations in verse 6. Here we see the evidence of "The Power of Perception." The world may see your faith and trust in God as a faithful steward as a waste of time and effort. However, the Christians serve a cause not of this world.

Paul notes that the Corinthians loyalties should not be divided among different men. Therefore, they should be united in following the scriptures. Paul noted that if all submitted to the authority of the scriptures it is less likely that individuals will become puffed up trying to set one teacher over another.

Meanwhile the world that follows man views the people of God as fools. In verse ten we see the following:

"We are fools for Christ's sake, but ye are wise in Christ, we are weak, but ye are strong; ye are honorable, but we are despised."

The world considered Paul a fool because he forsaked all and followed Jesus. In contrast many at Corinth thought themselves wise, strong and honorable. In their perceived wisdom and strength and honor they lost sight of what it meant to follow Jesus.

Man has no interest in suffering and sacrificing for God and Spiritual peace. The acceptance of Satan and the desire of sin is an easy road to travel. To walk with God is difficult and often hard to bear. However the joy of the Truth of God, His mercy and blessings make this road a road of Peace and Paradise. The true believer realizes the temptations of Satan. He realizes that this earth is not his home. Therefore he is neither confused nor dismayed by the evil spirits that often seek to hamper his Christian journey.

In verse 11 we see that Paul as a soldier of the cross was made to suffer many things. We see a summary of Paul's suffering in 2 Corinthians 11:23-28. Paul was sacrificing his life for the Gospel. The false teachers that men seek to follow will never lay down their lives for God. The reality is that the ungodly man has nothing for which he is willing to die. Men who follow man and not God have no morals, principles, integrity and no stature. Who are really fools?

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