In the Name of God, Master of the Universe, Ruler of the earth.


Editors Note: The mention of any Holiday is not a set and fast attitude of the FreedomJournal Press. But let the record show that we celebrate our Father daily as we lift up Almighty God. He is the Father of Jesus who is our Lord and Savior the King of Kings.

Therefore on this Father’s Day and hereafter we pray that the righteous and all that liveth will think of our Father God. Seeing God will allow due respect for your earthly father in the flesh.



Greetings Brethren,


Peace be unto you. While walking and talking obeying the Spirit my beloved second son posed to me, "What is a King?" Then we were both struck by some anxious moments in thought as we explored this question as this verbal exchange had no previous audience however the mind is a wonderful place and store house of much data. Therefore as this predestined data base here and among my son became alive we both found Joy and intense excitement in anticipation as we pursued this question.


Many people thus believe that a King is someone of power and prestige. We note this as a way to describe those that still sit as monarchs somewhere still in the world in which we live. We also ascribe this notion of king to those that seek out and claim to have power. This power comes from the economic and political realm. I would imagine that there are also other areas of life that reek of the king syndrome. For example great athletes the champions of the world have visions of grandeur. So do many that ascribe to the use of certain substances that alter the mind. There are also the ego inspired entertainers that amass great wealth with names that are on the lips of many that are celebrity seekers.


There are still some writers and of course some in the intellectual community that have been ascribed king status however there is only one King. There was a time when earthly kings were sanctioned by God. But those in the flesh can in no way compare to King Jesus. He is the King.


There is no way for us to adequately deal with this discussion with only one article. Therefore once more than once we will follow the Spirit. In the Old Testament we see several important scriptures on the Prophecy of the coming Messiah. Therefore we will begin with the first and too many one of the most prominent predictions of the Old Testament and Jesus.


Genesis 49: 10 “The scepter shall not depart from Judah nor a lawgiver from between his feet, until Shiloh come; and unto him shall the gathering of the people be.”(For additional references see Psalms 2: 6-9 and 60: 17).

Jesus came from the tribe of Judah. However no one else that descended from this tribe can be also be known as a King like Jesus. There are also my beloved brethren no man that is a god as all men die. God has never died. Also His son our Savior got up from the grave. Will you be raised from the grave? Where will you go to Heaven or Hell?


Meanwhile the word scepter used in our verse here has reference to a rod or stick. Men of power and authority usually wield such a stick. For example in the military you will see high ranking officers especially generals with a swagger stick, this  stick as does the scepter indicate his official position or status of importance. The phrase “depart from” has a basic meaning that it shall not come out of or be produced by. This law by Judah will not be produced until a certain time. (See the following for added clarity on this phrase: Numbers 24: 17; Isaiah 11: 1 and Micah 4: 2). Judah, He (Christ) was to be the one from whom the scepter is finally to come (Also see Hebrews 7: 14).


Shiloh is noted as an epithet of the Messiah. See Mark 12: 37and John 12: 32 for the fulfillment of the gathering of the people. But what is the basic thought and importance of this verse? Here the son of Jacob is called Judah. Judah will produce a tribe. But this tribe will not produce the law of government of God’s people for a while. The tribe of Levi will have that responsibility and this will be administered through the Law of Moses.


Beloved we pause right here and beg you to read and study the Bible. Jesus cannot be left out of the teaching of Tithing. As a preface to our brief following statements and to not get to far away from our main subject… When you believe in your heart that you owe God a Tithe you deny and reject Jesus and the resurrection. Here we see at this passage of scripture that the tribe of Levi will continue in their capacity until Shiloh, the Messiah of the tribe of Judah comes. What does this mean? The tribe of Levi handled all of the Temple duties including the rites of making sacrificial offerings. The Tithe was paid to them for their upkeep as noted by God. But when Jesus takes over this ends. No man or preacher can change the Word of God to continue an aspect of the Tithing ritual because the priesthood of the Levi’s is over.


Meanwhile when He comes (Shiloh, the Messiah) the people will gather unto Him. The people will thus follow Jesus as He will become the law giver and ruler and not Moses. Can you accept and deny Christ and still make it in? How do you deny Christ?


Meanwhile is the Bible to be studied in isolation? Yes isolation from a comprehensive look at the Bible. For example you will not have a good and cognizant understanding of Spiritual Gifts without a clear understanding of “The Great Commission.” Certain Spiritual Gifts were necessary to carry out the Great Commission as noted by Jesus at Matthew 28: 18-20. For the record we still act on the Great Commission but not in the mold of the Apostles as they have ceased to exist. We also do not have the Spiritual Gifts of the miraculous among the brethren today. If this does exist it is not known by the brethren as God renders his miracles as He sees fit.


Therefore remember the role of Christ as you consider the issue of Tithing today. We trust that you will see that Jesus came to remove this need. Therefore if you still attempt to honor a man-made aspect of this Old Testament ritual for the Jews in atoning for sin daily you deny Christ. Read this carefully as the salvation of many hinge on their trust in man and money and not God


Cont. Part 2: David’s Lineage A Servant King


Peace and Paradise,

Dr. Carl A. Patton writing for the FreedomJournal Press 20 June 2010 in the year of our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus.


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