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The Bible must be studied in its entire form. The Old Testament cannot be understood without reference to the New Testament. Therefore the following are suggestions on the study of the Bible.

1. Realizing that the Old Testament has reference to the Historical Books etc. These sections must be studied along with secular history. This is also true of the New Testament and the 1st Century Church. We believe that many of the problems that exist among the various Churches are a lack of knowledge regarding the historical development of the Church.

2. Study the Bible not just by Chapters. Study in regard to subjects. For example Tithing, Healing, Anointing, Passover etc. Some things are not in the Bible for example CREMATION (the word is not noted) and Pastor's Anniversaries. These subjects are challenging but there is ample information in the Bible that relate to these subjects. This way of study is systematic and will rely on things of Old and things of New.

3. Stay in prayer. Remember God wants you to know His Word.

4. Don't try to change the Word. Also the Word does not contradict itself in any passage. There is only one interpretation. This interpretation is that of God. Don't fall for the arguments that "That is your interpretation."

Meanwhile donít be ungodly influenced by those that come with another report superior to the Bible. Also beware of those that attempt to proclaim themselves as Prophets and Apostles and little gods. Many also come with fiction in movies and books depicting an anti-Christ view of scripture. In sum Brethren stay with the Bible with your eyes on God guided by the Holy Spirit you will be able to see Truth if it is your heartís desire.

Also acquire study aids.A good Concordance, reference Bibles and Bible Dictionaries.

As I embraced King James

I then saw a babe in Christ.

He just had a Book as he

knew not of any version.


He thought a Bible was a

Bible as he also had little

interest in what the pages



The babe though that came

because his mother said come

soon left and bounced back

and forth in the world.


As he visited internment camps

he still saw many Books and

never King James until a Black

radical called him a faggot.


However he still knew nothing

of the definitive qualities of

the word translation as it was

well above his comprehension level.


He only heard about intellect from

the echoes of a distant school

house. However he did know that

the King was White and also a European.


So as he wallowed in some Blackness

he only floated on the top. But some stayed

in the Church houses every time the

doors swung open.


They also just picked up a Book.

However sometimes the denomination

or the preacher said another Book

was easier to read and directed the,


Congregation there. But did they ever tell

them of why? Do these same people

have a Bible dictionary? Do they enjoy

searching a Bible concordance, commentary,


And cherish sound study Bibles? But

where is the Holy Spirit in all of this?

The Holy Spirit will allow you to see

through marking and cutting the body.


You can then see tattoo. It will also

reveal to you that the body becomes

mutilated with piercing in things

private and meant to be unseen.


Tongues should talk and not balk at

crude pins attached to the mouth that

should only be used for eating and




Peace and Love, Carl A. Patton a willing servant of Christ who was sent by our Father writingfor the FreeodmJournal 4 August 2008 in the year of our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus.



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