Editors Note: The FreedomJournal has discovered many false teachings in the Christian Church. Thus, distinct categories of alleged Believers have passed down many false doctrines. We see these categories in:

1.      Those that don’t know the ignorant, those who lack knowledge.

2.      Those that don’t care.

3.      Those that willfully distort the Word of God.

 From our experiences the misuse of the term Judge/Judgment in the church is a leading example of false teaching in the church. However we reveal that the misuse and confusion surrounding this word has been planned and calculated. Yes, planned by the False Prophets the emissaries of Satan and evil. Therefore, we have a responsibility to bring clarity to this insanity in the church. We are saddened every time we hear a Preacher and especially church leaders saying “You are Judging,” when you make a critical statement about sin or wrong-doing among the Brethren.

Therefore, this series of articles will explore the scriptural base for the words Judge/Judgment. We will thus note what the Bible says Judge/Judgment is. We also reveal the responsibility of all Christians to Judge or be critical thinkers. Thus, constructive critical thinking is the backbone of the church and the surest way to keep Satan and the world out of the church. To do otherwise is to assist Satan and Evil.


Part 1: What is Judging or Judgment?

In the name of God, Master of the universe, Ruler of the earth

This word is used several different ways in the Bible. However, what is a basic definition of Judge?


1. A government official appointed or elected to hear and decide cases in a law court.

2. A person chosen to decide a dispute or contest.

3. A person qualified to form an opinion.

4. A Ruler in ancient Israel, before the time of the Kings


1. The act of judging

2. Law

A. A decision, decree or sentence given by a judge or court

B. A debt created from the decision of a judge or court

C. The official certificate recording such a decision

3. An Opinion

A. The forming of an opinion or conclusion

4. The ability to form opinions, good sense.

5. Criticism, condemnation "Do not pass judgment on your neighbors. I will utter my judgments against them . . . who have forsaken me Jeremiah 1: 16.

6. A mis-fortune considered as a punishment from God.

7. The final trial of all mankind at the end of the world; Last JUDGMENT.

Meanwhile, people in the church often confuse the word Judge and Judgment. However there are three primary ways in which the word Judge/Judgment is used in the Bible. This is where we can begin to get a better understanding of what Judging means and who does the Judging.

1. Statues or commandments of God.

2. Calamities sent by God.

3. God's judgment on the deeds of men, both in history and the final Day of Judgment when history is brought to its fulfillment.

Therefore we argue that the third category of Judgment is the most important in the Bible. It is also the most evident as to defining Judge/Judgment. Nevertheless, why are church people so confused about the word Judge/Judgment? Often there is a great fear and acts of warning too not Judge. Still, the scriptures reveal that God is the only one with the power to Judge.

Meanwhile man in the flesh gets the word Judge confused with critical thinking. There is also confusion as to the role of Christians to have a discerning mind. Discern means:

1. To see clearly, to distinguish. Example I looked where he pointed but could discern nothing.

2. Discerning means shrewd, discriminating. An example is seen in the following, " more discerning mind, a shrewder tongue, I have never met.” We believe that the confusion surrounding Judge/Judgment is a prominent aspect of the various false teachings that exist in the Christian Church. But, where did these false teachings come from? For the record many Preachers, Teachers, church leaders and Christians believe that they are being disobedient and committing a sin to offer critical opinions of wrong doing in the church. For example to question the sin of a Preacher, Deacon or a church member you are often described as Judging and to Judge is wrong.

Here we interject the word or phrase critical thinking and criticism. As you know there is constructive criticism and destructive criticism. Christians must always strive for constructive criticism. Thus, they have a responsibility to have a discerning mind. Also keep in mind those in the flesh have no power to Judge. God only has that power. God has the power to Judge. Man can only identify sin. It is not judging to identify sin.

Again where did this false teaching come from? We believe that the confusion surrounding Judge/Judgment originated in the hearts and minds of False Prophets who did not want to receive criticism for wrong doing in the church. Thus they passed down a mis-interpretation of this scripture related to judging to cover up sin and shame. As we proceed, we will see that God wants his people to be critical of sin. This is the only way to guard against False Prophets and the influence of the world that have invaded many churches.

What are the Biblical foundations for defining Judge/Judgment?

Cont. Part 2: God's Judgment

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