In the name of Jehovah God, Master of the universe, Ruler of the earth.

African Religions as the first religious experience failed to transcend to the concept of One God. Although the Egyptians are noted to have been the first in Africa to accept monotheism, the Hebrew people borrowed it and Africa remained in the past.

Meanwhile, we see Judaism failing to make the transition to Christianity. Although they embraced One God, they failed to embrace the Messiah. Here again we note that the Messiah is not God but the Son of God. For if we fall into this trap we are no better than the Pagans that claim that more than one god exists. Also many of these people want to believe this lie to justify their love for a man in the flesh that they want to call a god.

With the arrival of the third great religion noted in Islam the belief in One God has become the standard bearer of the true recognition of the Supreme Being and not supreme beings. The historical record of humankind reveals that all, yes all, early religions were Pagan. This means that the Pagan worshipers were not only in Africa. However, many Pagan beliefs still exist today.

With respect to the first religions in Africa and our ancestors we must be responsible and accurately note the record. The religions of our ancestors would be valid today if they had embraced monotheism. Can one blame the White slave masters who defiled Christianity and Judaism for the one-track and hateful mind of many of our Brethren who Hate everything European? We bear witness that we cannot blame White people for all of our troubles. We also have some responsibility.

For the record the Weak among us have allowed the enemies of Black people to turn them into clones of White Supremacy. However, instead of White Superiority we see the cry for Black Superiority. Let the record show that those that walk and crawl the earth who think they are superior to other human beings do not know God. Hate is the bastion of Satan. So the feelings of superiority among the Pagans, Black and White Supremacists and the idols they worship are Satanic and Evil.

Meanwhile, the Black racists seek to deny the existence of White people. Thus they claim that all White people are evil and all things European are evil and bad. As they selectively chose what European things are to be used they deny the so-called White manís religions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Although none of these religions, were established by White people. So why do the Black people that denounce Judaism, Christianity and Islam tell this lie? So do the Cultural Nationalists and the Afro-Cynicism Scholars.

We would be remiss at this juncture to not qualify those that claim to be in the vanguard of the Intellectual upheaval of Black-American and African Studies. To be explicit we are involving all people of African ancestry throughout the world. We (FreedomJournal) declare that those that don't know God know very little. This does not include those that claim the great vision to see gods in natural wonders. However the people that share a limited view of the world and the universe claim to set the paradigms for our investigation and study of our distorted past. Thus, these cynics have basically confused the area of African and Black Studies. They have corrupted this discipline more than the Marxists.

For example the Marxists have been accepted by most scholars to just have a different view of the world and its people. In academic circles this is accepted and there have been long-standing debates. Even though the Marxists feel they have all the answers there has never been in real impact to register the Marxists as prominent analysts of the Black Experience. However, this is not true with the Afro-Cynicism Scholars. They have promoted their agenda as the panacea and the hallmark of all Black Studies Departments.

Meanwhile, these Dog-matic Super Blacks don't stop driving cars made by White people. Nor do they stop wearing White folk's clothes, and using many other things European in origin. By way what are White folk's clothes? Also, what are White folks names? Meanwhile they try to remain in an African cultural mold and look foolish in America which is not Africa. But anyone would be hard pressed to deny all things European and also it would be folly and the Fools delight to try to deny all things African in origin.

Meanwhile Black racists dominate African Religions and the so-called Black Hebrews. These people are Hatemongers. God's people are not Hatemongers. I heard John say there are White Devils and many Black Devils also.

Peace and Love,

Carl Patton writing for the FreedomJournal November 21, 2001 in the year of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.


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