In the name of Jehovah God, Master of the universe, Ruler of the earth.

Greetings Brethren:

This message is directed to those in the Church. It is also directed to those who attempt to critique Christianity. We also note that this message will also respond to those among us who actually believe that there is or has been a god in the flesh.

This message is also a response to the Atheists and Hatemongers. Many or most of these people believe that God has nothing to do with the historical circumstances of humankind. Thus they admit and testify to a shallow mentality in that the record shows that God created all of humanity and all things involved in society. We also note boldly that anyone that claims to be a historian and attempts to remove the essence of religion in the life and times of humankind is a Fool.

We have noted at the outset that the Atheists don't believe in God and they are upset that some people among us do believe. My Beloved just because you don't believe in something that does not mean that it does not exist. We understand your hatred and erroneous belief that God and Spirituality is a cause for many problems among us. Religion in itself has not caused man to do anything. Man has moved his body physically and mentally to do harm in Religion and man has done the same outside of the Church. So it is not Religion in itself that you should seek to direct your agony. However do you agree with all of the Atheists and Agnostics that you know? For example many European racists share your views. Thus do you have more in common with Atheists who are racists than Black Muslims, or Black Christians or Black Jews?

The comparative analysis of White Supremacists that are Atheists and Black Atheists drives home the point of Hatred. Thus are all Atheists (Black or White) Hatemongers and find comfort and piece (not peace) among any people that Hate? Finally for the Record, those that Hate God and God's people we declare that you cannot remove the impact of Religion from the histories of humankind. We don't come saying that you don't have the right to choose God or Satan. So why do you come claiming that we don't have the right to choose Good other than what we call Evil?

We bear witness that there are many things that we (believers) don't understand about God. Therefore all those that come to know God and grow in Truth realize that we will never know everything about God on this side of the river. Meanwhile there are many t things that we do know.

First of all God and His Truth is not complicated nor is it elusive. The Truth eludes humankind due to man's own denial and rejection. It is not because the knowledge of God and the Spiritual realm is so hard to comprehend. The world's ways conflict with the way of God. Therefore there is a logical contradiction in that the multitudes are not willing to give up the world and the ways of wickedness. God and Truth comes with responsibility.

The sheer logic of God as the Father and Jesus as the Son is the surest way to note consistently that Jesus is not God but the Son of God. Therefore, it is illogical and impossible for the Son to be both the Son and the Father. Thus, the Son and the Father cannot be one in the same. The Son died although He arose from the dead, God cannot (will not) die.

The Trinity is One but it is also separate. However if one does not realize the role of the Father as the head this concept is difficult to explain. Therefore, non-believers are at a lost in understanding the concept of the Trinity. Regretfully many so-called Christians have been taught incorrectly that Jesus is God and should be worshiped as God. These people are blind and there is very little that can be done with them also. Therefore this message will see fertile ground among those who are open for Truth and not blinded by Satan the world and Paganism.

Any notation of a god in the flesh is Pagan. Several established Christian sects are Pagan. In these long standing organized bodies they worship Saints, The Cross and images of various things and people. Also, many African Religions are Pagan. They also worship things other than God.

But we declare that there are some Godly people among the Catholics and the people who embrace African Religions. We pray that they will allow the One God into their hearts and remove the blinders of Pagan worship and god in the flesh.

Any religion that comes proclaiming that someone among them is a god is a religion directed by man and not God. Beware of those claiming to be sent by God like the great Prophets. The Great Prophets, Apostles and Disciples of the times of Jesus and the Apostle Paul are over and done. No man walketh like Jesus nor Isaiah, Jeremiah or Paul.

Peace and Love,

Carl Patton writing for the FreedomJournal November 20, 2001 in the year of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.


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