I greet you in the name of Unity and Peace. However we have a responsibility to record what we believe is the Truth about the Black Experience in America and the Diaspora. As we come to Up-Lift Black people, we note several facts. There are Cultural differences among Blacks throughout the world. But one cannot control the circumstances of his birth and culture.


There is a great deal of concern regarding the distinctions between Black American and African personalities. Also, there is a great deal of concern regarding the name for Blacks in America of African descent. Blacks born in America had no control over the circumstances of their birth. Also we understand the love that many Blacks in America have for Africa the land of our ancestors. However we cannot through “Cultural Awareness" turn our Culture into an African Culture. Therefore, by circumstances beyond our control we are different. Thus to insist that this is not so, is to defy reality.


Black man, Black Woman you are not denying the Culture of your ancestors when you maintain that your American Culture is different from the Culture of your Brothers and Sisters in Africa and the Caribbean. For the record do Blacks in Africa and the Caribbean deny the culture of their birth? Also do the Blacks of West Africa rally to adopt the Black American Culture? Surely Culture is tied to a place, environment, society, language, etc. However we cannot magically become African because of the racism and the ills of White society. As long as Black people go around in a fantasy world we will be subjected to ridicule and Dis-Unity. Therefore our statements are meant to Up-Lift the Black Man and Black Woman and the Black Community. However, we cannot Up-Lift Black people with lies and illusions.


For example Blacks in America have African ancestors. This should not have to be explained or noted. However what needs to be noted is that African Americans are the Africans that have come to America in droves that have gained American citizenship. Therefore there is a need based on culture and for the sake of identification to note the distinctions between Black Americans and the legitimate African Americans and the people of African descent throughout the Diaspora.


This series of articles will therefore explore our developing philosophy (Psyche Z Publishing/FreedomJournal) concerning the name for people born in the United States of African descent. However the major focus of these articles will be a critical review of the clear distinctions between people in the United States of African descent and people of African descent in Africa and throughout the Diaspora.

Part 1: "The Existing Tangible African Ancestry of Black Americans,” will begin the series and set the tone. This article will note that the obvious African ancestry of many people in the United Sates is real and visual. At the beginning we did not know where the series would take us. From our experiences most if not all of the series of articles we have produced are always extended. Thus we will follow the Spirit and record what we are willed to write.


However, Culture will be a critical aspect of this series. Here we will bring up for review the distinct Black American personality and the distinct cultural traits of Blacks in Africa and throughout the Diaspora.


Meanwhile Part 2:”Slavery The Seeds of Black Inferiority,” follows our initial essay. What has caused the arrogance of many Blacks outside the United States? Are these feelings based on the particular histories of the people? What impact has slavery in America and in Africa had on this question? Are the Hard Core Cultural Nationalist of the year 2007 akin to the Pork Chop Nationalists of decades gone by?


Part 3: “White Enslavement & Its Affect On Black Inferiority.” What has been the responsibility of Black people in the historic origins of racism and Black inferiority? What are the greatest obstacles toward Peace and Freedom for an oppressed people? What are the two greatest challenges? : White racism or Black on Black discrimination?


Part 4: “The White Slaves: Who, What, Why The Mamelukes.” As the journey of life continues we must use every source available to obtain an accurate record of the mysteries of our past. Human emotion is often without Truth and logical reasoning. Also the Truth Seeker seeks no public acclaim and often does not get any. However, man in the flesh has only the power given by the Creator.


Part 5:”The Black Actors In Slavery The Impact on Unity.” The call to Brotherhood must be sincere and in the heart. Meanwhile, money and the exploitative forces of economic racism motivate man. Will Brotherhood survive or hang in limbo? When will humankind come to love and respect each other despite class, race, religion or ethnic origin?


Part 6: “A Theory For Analysis: The Dialectical Conclusions of Economics & Racism.” Peace and Paradise to all who have been blessed to be created by the one and only God. The Creator rules the Heavens, the earth the high and the low. As the storm clouds brew, there is sunshine and rain. Often the swift fall faint while those that endure will see Light.


Part 7: “What Is Dialectics And The Economics of Racism?” God created all that exist. With "Free Will”, man has come to create money, racism and class. Money the age-old idol of man drives the latter distinctions that deny the realities of Revelation. Hatred and greed have pulled a dark shade over the world and its people. However, the people of God see Light.


Part 8: “The Economics of Racism: A Crucial Factor In Dialectics.” By "Free Will," man can move from Evil to Good. Only the Creator knows who will be righteous and who will be unrighteous. As Light engulfed the earth and man took shape so was the Truth of God. In the beginning was the Word and this Word Hailed the evidence of Truth. The Laws of the Creator rule the earth and all that exist. Woe be unto the scientists that deny Truth and attempt to create a man-made man.


Part 9: “The Dialectics of The Black Experience: Re-Defining Racism &Economics.” Many men have come to sing songs of tainted Truth, recorded as facts and ways of reason. Meanwhile, man continues to search for Truth that often denies logic and the Creator. Who are the great thinkers? Have they seen God?


Part 10:”Class & Race: The Contradiction of Marxism.” The False Prophets have come to deceive and confuse the Secular and Spiritual worlds. However, all of humankind has a responsibility not to allow Satan to blind their eyes. Nevertheless, man cannot see the Light for the green of money and the glitter of fool’s gold.


Part 11: “Are Marxists Intellectuals: Class Struggle In Africa.” "The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge: but fools despise wisdom and instruction." Proverbs 1: 7


Part 12: “The Dilemmas of Socialism; Class Struggle In Africa.” The Lost, The Hate-Mongers, The Marxist, The Cultural Nationalist, The Integrationist and a vast assortment of people Black and White continue to deny Truth. Meanwhile, they compete for The Devil's Paradise. It is better to be silent and be considered a fool than to speak and remove all doubt.

"Yea also, when he that is a fool walketh by the way, his wisdom faileth him, and he saith to everyone that he is a fool.” Ecclesiastes 10:3.


Part 13: “Additional Theories On Class Struggle In Africa”. We extend Peace and Paradise from The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit. God will judge all of the people that inhabit the planet earth as the Wise of the Wise speaks. God is the one and only God with all power and this judgment is "Now and Later." The mysteries of the Creator continue to be revealed to the hearts and minds of the righteous. No man has heard the whole Truth.


Part 14:” Another Voice On Economics & Race: Walter Rodney.” There, the people were at Peace and many knew God. Despite the storm of evil and the clouds of greed the people of God knew Joy. It is written by the scribes who were willed by the Creator: that the call to Peace and Paradise will come. However, two will be called and assigned by Free Will, one to Hells Gate and where one or two come, so will Heavens Door.


Part 15: “Black America: A Result of Economic Racism.” Many have come to deny the mystery of the Ruling Power over the entire world and its people. This denial will not last, for every tongue will confess and every knee will eventually bow. So it is written in the Book of Life. We pray that all humankind will see this Light. For this Light will bring a better Day.


Part 16: “Capitalism: The Creation of Racism & The Black American.” Peace and Forgiveness extend from the Creator, the Savior and the Holy Spirit. We know that man does not deserve the grace and mercy of God. However God is a "Good God" and extends his mercy to all of humankind. Will you acknowledge His grace with your submission to Truth? Our prayer today and always is for peace among all of humankind. God the Father will make a crooked road straight and fix a Black and evil heart.


Part 17:”Black American: A Culture Rooted In Exploitation.” We greet you in the name of the Father, The Son and the "Holy Spirit." We bear witness that the secrets and the mystery of the Power of The Creator are at times revealed to the Godly. We thank God for His blessings and the "Holy Spirit." By the grace and mercy of God the "Holy Ghost" dwells at the center of our being. We further testify that this awesome Spirit is in every time and place. Let it be written that no man can rob the people of God of His Power.


Part 18: “Did Slavery Change The African To Be a Black American?” Many people today that claim to have knowledge of the Black experience are mere Lackeys, wrapped in African clothing and African/Arabic names. Meanwhile they attempt to defile independent Black writers with for example: "Your grammar is soooooooo bad I can't understand what you are writing about."


A Fool comes in many forms. He is Black, White, Green and Yellow. However we have a responsibility to write and record the various aspects of injustice and inhumanity faced by oppressed people. If someone thinks, we are crying and pleading to someone you are mistaken. "THE TRUTH OF THE MATTER IS THAT, "YOU" WHO DO NOT LISTEN ARE REALLY THE VICTIMS AND NOT US."


We are not committing crimes against humanity; we are just reporting the crimes. For the record the biggest crimes against humanity and Black people are found in the Black community. FOR THE RECORD THE NOTATION OF THIS FACT IS A LEADING CAUSE FOR CENSORSHIP.


Part 19: “The Fusion & Evolution of Black American Culture.” As long as man exists in this world there will be debates about what is Truth. However those that realize that this place (earth) is not their home will see the culmination of Truth. Thus the unbelievers continue to gamble with eternal life and deny Truth and refute Peace and Paradise.





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