The Crisis of The Black Male


One of our avid readers has re-kindled our interest in a very important question. Why and what is the crisis of the Black male? The FreedomJournal as a Free Press will bring this question up for review.


Part 1: “The Fantasy of Rebellion," is the first and introductory article for this series of essays on the crisis of the Black male. This first article will attempt to note why the Black male is set in a crisis. Part 2: “The Conscience of Guilt,” will reveal the hidden truth behind a conscience of hate. Part 3: “The Conscience of Guilt: The Impact of White Abolitionists and The Philanthropist.” Have White liberals benefited the Black experience? Or better yet have they just been self-serving hypocrites for the most part?


 Part 4: “Dissension Within: The In-House Traitors,” will review how the Judas syndrome has been a major factor in the crisis of the Black male. This series continues with a very sensitive article. Part 4: “The Black Woman: An Out-House Attitude,” will convey a basic confusion in many Black women. This confusion assists the Out-House forces in the ongoing Black Holocaust that holds the Black male as a top priority for destruction.


Part 5: “The Crisis of the Black Male: The Black Woman: An Out-House Attitude.” What has been the attitude of the Black woman as the Black male wallows in a crisis? Part 6: “The Crisis of the Black Male: The Black Woman Mistress & Concubine,” will reveal the institutionalized prostitution of the Black woman. Part 7: “The Black Woman: The Impact of Freedom from Concubinage and Prostitution,” will reveal the crisis met by the Black family at the end of slavery, when pronounced forced sexual relationships between Black females and White males ended. Part 8: “The Contemporary Black Woman: The Confrontation with The Black Man,” will bring up for review the self-hatred of Black males that stems from Black female head of households.


The final article in this series Part 9: “The Crisis of the Black Male: The Breeding Ground For Self Hate,” reveals some of the pent up frustrations that leads to a further crisis. These essays hopefully will enlighten us on some of the major problems confronted by the Black male and the Black family.






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