ANOTHER LOOK AT INDEPENDENCE (11-6-07 by Carl A. Patton)



Most saw independence in

general terms. But basically

it came upon the independent

to do for self.


Blessed then are those

who can do for self, at

least most things that

are most important.


The scavenges and liars

that harassed the birds,

the trees also burned the dogs.

They then tried to tamper with man,


However the soul and body

flew, but the Spirit although

flying stayed with the

righteous looking endlessly.


Meanwhile the poor the

“po” had no choice but to learn

as money was few and

the contractors ran and hid.


Here censorship and the

scandalous breach of free

speech resided among the

confused, wicked and misinformed.


The analysis went higher

brought on by the heightened

struggle. The conclusions reached

far and wide and censorship was



No philosophy are theory remains

the same if man and civilization

continues to develop. Man often

thought the same way twice.


But the earth its people and

society moved backward,

forward and left and right.


Meanwhile great solutions were

found in things yet challenged.

When the challenged ended the

thought ended and so did

the explanation.





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