(1 August 2008 by Carl A. Patton)


Cults are on the rise keep Christ first and stay in prayer. Thus allowing the Holy Spirit to discern good from evil.


Greetings Brethren,


Peace be unto you. To the Church and believing Christians everywhere. We greet you in the name of our Father God His Son our Savior Christ Jesus blessed by the Holy Spirit. We also realize there is only one God and that’s who we worship and serve as humbly as we know how. Thus our status as a slave and servant to God and Christ is of honor as man does not know my name.


Beloved ignorance has confronted humankind since the beginning of human existence. Also many would argue that to note its definitive qualities is almost a slight to one’s intellect however we believe it is necessary as many find nothing as they search for intellect in self let alone in someone else.


Ignorance as a noun is a lack of knowledge. One is ignorant in the adjective sense when they know little or nothing: without knowledge. However ignorant does not take on the component or characteristic of stupid as this can be described as accepted ignorance?


Thus when one is ignorant he has an opportunity to move from that state by accepting, embracing and identifying some aspect of knowledge. But for various reasons some people want to remain ignorant. Thus they see a conflict with their accepted flawed notions about society and most especially in the Church. As they become confused they cause confusion as they mis-represent what real Christians should strive to be daily. As Christ-like to them is a man.


Meanwhile various contradictions arise. How can the home have any order when the Church alludes to Christ as the head but defy the Divine order of man in the home and the Church. As the contradictions arise the sages write on as the opposition to Truth is a direct attack on the Church.


But what is the resolution? Where can it be found? Look at if you will for your thought and mediation: ‘The Inner Spirit vs. The Outer Spirit.” Exploring this thought should give us some answers. First we will note a scriptural reference also for your thought and mediation, Numbers 22: 5-20. We will note verse 5 but read all of the verses found here.


“He sent messengers therefore unto Balaam the son of Beor to the land of the children of his people, to call him, saying, Behold, there is a people come out from Egypt: behold, they cover the face of the earth, and they abide over against me:”


Here we see a powerful and insightful scripture that allows some frame work for making an analysis and understanding the various aspects of ignorance among the people and its acceptance. Let the record show that Balaam believed in God. However he did not believe that Jehovah God was the one and only true God. He thusly mixed his views/prophecies etc. with that which came from God. This still happens as the various cults and many churches mix part of the Bible with their on so-called interpretations while leaning on a Satan inspired doctrine. Therefore when we look at Balaam’s life we see a prime example of those historically  that have put on a show of outward spiritual Truth while embracing an already Black heart  with things, corrupt, immoral and  ungodly.


For example many White Christians still harbor feelings of White supremacy and teach these false doctrines in the Church. Black Christians that claim racism does not exist and have problems identifying if and when it ever existed.


But some of the most tragically ignorant are the people that have crowded the pews for 30-50 years or more who know nothing of what is in the Bible. These people are easily mis-led and are often fertile ground to be taken away from the Bible. What is most tragic? To know nothing or not to want to know anything even the Word of God?


So the resolution then falls on the Bible and the energy, zeal and thirst for its contents. However the wicked inner Spirit leads the blind to nothing and accepted ignorance.


I saw all the enlightened thinkers

crying and moaning.  “Son House

said some stood at the Landing Crying.”

Those with no tears had dried them long

ago as they fell out with most of the

people who climbed the backs of the stupid.


Meanwhile no one human being knew

everything. Some were very smart and some

were/are very dumb. However the wise kept

a book open, knew the way to the library and

kept his eyes and ears open.


Sadly the person that stumbled all up on

ignorance knew not the question that had

been raised are if the question existed.

He knew not that he was in a storm and his

enemies were his friends.


As he accepted the deception of ignorance he

had great conflict and thought it was bad

luck. Or no luck at all.  He then stared confused

as he knew not the way of the Moon the Sun or the

Stars and Rain.


Those that had not fallen into the ignorant trap stood

by throwing contractions not in jest or fun but to bring

this fool back to reality. Meanwhile he got angry and

confronted all that brought his ignorance up for review.

However the sages keep right on as they had the resolution.


John prayed without ceasing he knew and testified that God

will answer a righteous prayer. We will say that this way,

with a right inner spirit gets a prayer through and not one

like Balaam.


John also visualized and saw Jesus in Revelation and the

Resolution and not man who thought he knew and left God

in ignorance.




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