(Victory Park, 25 May 2009 by Carl A. Patton)


In the name of God Master, of the Universe, Ruler of the earth



Greetings Brethren,


Peace be unto you. To the Church and believing Christians everywhere. To those that believe in the Bible as the supreme authority that governs all of humankind. In this we give thanks to God the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit that leads and guides us the straightway.


Beloved brethren while listening and learning as I walked and stayed in the Spirit I thought of these things. Man can leave race but culture he must always be aware of. As culture takes in race it often settles not on culture against culture. Meanwhile all people, all cultures have heroes that have paid the ultimate price in war or in peace time. However some are honored and some are not. Many are also forgotten and their voices go unheard.


I can also bear witness to the particular honor among soldiers. The pride in his service and will to die for his flag and country. However when one becomes born again he has a different world view. The Bible becomes his sword. He also embraces tolerance and his prayers are for all of humankind not just race or culture.


John Cried For All the Dead Men (5-25-09)


The unforgotten pages in Black history are not just a

testimony on race, color or ethnic sentiments. It is for

certain that the culture Black as it made the transition

from the land of the Blacks to North and South America

had significant moments that should be forever memorialized.


These soldiers counted as many came before and after all

the great wars by those that captured the western hemisphere.

Some have no names but they tried to put a stop to the cruel

kidnappers along the west coast of Africa the land of the



Some also nameless clashed with African Chiefs that

sold their captured brethren and claimed they knew not where

the big ships went. The cargo ships of human flesh also

claimed great soldiers that wore nothing but a human uniform

although Black as they rebelled against the ship captains.


Thus some who were masters of the slave ships fell at sea by

the hands of those captured, branded and destined for a

life that lasted from before sun-up to canít see at night.

However the early Black munity yielded a bounty in forsaken

souls raped and ripped from the mother land of mother earth.


Therefore we claim that these Black warriors be forever

memorialized in the hearts and minds of those that look to

culture and not race. These are our heroes and those Black like

me are insulted when they are not included. But I am told that

some linger on race and racism and say I should forget them.


But If I forget my heroes my soldiers my fallen warriors who

will remember me?Meanwhile the great American Revolution

(1775-1782) took place and many fell and we as human beings

memorialized them as they were Black and White, White and Black.

The country then a nation still saw struggles with the former colonial masters.


Thus the War of 1812 and more soldiers fell we salute them.

The Mexican-American war (1845-1848) soon took place as

the United States sought to expand into other Native American

lands. Here we saw more fallen soldiers and warriors good and bad.

Texas came about so did California and the great south west.


Meanwhile a great debate was brewing and would soon become

a Civil feud and war from 1860-1865. The 2nd class citizens or

property of those that held men, women and children in bondage

had never seen a memorial for the fallen warriors among these people.

Even those that had fought along his side in the wars against the colonial

masters of Europe were now forgotten.


So who will tell of our heroes and great soldiers that died for the cause

of freedom as they preached as men of the cloth against the evils of slavery

and the total degradation of Black human life? So soon after a revolution

for a few a counted number of tall Black men led rebellions against a system

that dehumanized Black people. The Slave Rebellions were also wars.


Therefore if not for the unforgotten pages in Black history Denmark

Vesey, Gabriel Prosser the Nat Turnerís and John Brownís would not be

heard properly. If heard they would never be placed in the ranks of those to

be memorialized as war heroes as they spoke for the majority/minority that

still are muzzled to this day.


Eventually a great war grew from the great feud between the north and

the south. Some in the north wanted to keep the Union intact and many

in the south wanted to leave the Union and establish and independent state.

The independence of the south would thus allow them to keep slaves as the

north had noted that this economic enterprise was outdated and impeded the

industrial revolution and progress.


So the status of Blacks as human beings was put on the table. Cultures

clashed and the north had soldiers an army and so did the south. Some

were sanctioned by an existing standing government and some came as

Rebels to establish an independent empire and the right and authority to

do with their economy as they pleased.


Meanwhile during the great feud many fell, north and south, Black and

White. But all should be saluted. Meanwhile the Great War Chiefs among

the various Native American nations had fell and died for many years since

the White man had come and set foot upon the land of his ancestors.

So donít forget these great warriors.


So who comes to memorialize the great War Chiefs and fallen brave Native

Americans who fought gallantly for the land they were free to roam, hunt,

fish and live?I heard of Chief Sitting Bull, Geronimo, and Cochise the great

Apache nation and the Comanche warriors of the Great Plains. However there

were countless brave warriors.


These warriors are not forgotten among their people as culture will always

supersede race and culture will out last race as culture encompasses all.

A Western shootum-up is not just entertainment but tis the history of the

west and the fallen brave men on all sides. Plantation land, Reservation

land all comes down to culture not race. But the economy begs to differ.


Soldiers White and Black would soon fall in the Caribbean as the 9th Cavalry

and Teddy Roosevelt and Black Jack took Cuba. This was the Spanish-American

War of 1898. Then came Europe and WW I (1914-1919). Here many more fell for

The cause of democracy and some never quite knew what they fought for. The

tensions still mounted and soon another world conflict was upon us.


WW II (1941-1945) soon came down as bloody as any war had ever been.

Also this Great War was even more destructive as more modern weaponry was

now available that could kill countless people with a single bomb and destroy

much property, land and resources. The people Black, Brown, White, Yellow

and Red fought all through Europe, Africa and Asia and all over the Pacific.


When the guns ended the Cold War began and the guns would once more

sound. Korea and the conflict between north and south (1950-1953) was next.

And many more were counted to be memorialized in our history books hearts

and minds. Meanwhile the seeds of discrimination, bigotry and racism that had

been planted during the time of slavery began to show its ugly head.


As the former slaves demanded equal rights many soldiers entered yet another

War. The record shows that as loyal American citizens their red blood had also

been spilled all over Europe, Asia and anywhere else the American soldier had

ventured. However he had fought for a limited democracy as he still had to beg

and barter for his constitutional rights. Many of his brethren also died for this right.


So soon came a great war of Civil and Human Rights. For our sakes we will note

a beginning time of 1955. Many people Black, White, Jews and Gentiles lost their

lives in the struggle for equal rights. Some were bombed to death as the little children

were not even spared. Some were lynched and hung by the neck to death. Some were

beaten to death, shot and murdered in almost every conceivable way.


They died for merely standing up and demanding constitutional rights that

were allegedly granted to all United States citizens regardless of race, religion,

ethnic origins etc. Many were unsung and unheard as they died on a lonely country

road as many bodies were never found. Nor were those with no roots looked for

by family or friends. But they still died a martyrís death.


These were some of our greatest warriors. Many of our greatest leaders were

also in this number that were slain. Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X,

Medger Evers. As they fought and died at home the Vietnam era quickly

approached and many more were often used as cannon fodder so the poor

had nowhere to run.


We memorialize the fallen Vietnam veterans and pray for the acceptance

of their efforts by the people. Soldiers do not start wars. But soon as

contemporary times approached the American soldier would fall all

through the Middle East as the Desert Storms were a windy and sand

filled place.


So in Iraq and Afghanistan American lives are still being claimed and

these are our present warriors to be memorialized. So as we look out

upon the memorial landscape there should be a mood of tolerance.

Who will speak for all the dead? John spoke for all of humankind as

he looked to culture and not race.


In race man finds isms and these spell discrimination and racism.