(18 March 2008 alongside the Creek by Carl A. Patton)



This was the March season

and the wind as predicted

raced in the sky.


I thought about the birds that

glided across the great seas.

The Albatross with its eleven

foot wing span,


Caught the wind currents

and floated in the wind many

miles by the thousands and

the air was their home.


Just then I saw a local bird

soar high in the sky. I felt

its flight as it slipped and

floated caressing the wind.


The pine needles on yonder

tree swayed and fanned the

sky as the wind moved.


If you listened closely there

was also the cry of the wild

as the wind was never subdued.


Still looking thoughtfully I could see

even more as the hawk next to

the eagle soared high across the



Did I once again as so many

before me make believe

that the human being could

fly. The birds cheated gravity.


This infraction was ordained.

Spanned wings then became

extended dreams as there is,


Magic and the miraculous in

the weight of anything that

floats, listlessly and with

our destiny in the sky.



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