(Stewart’s Creek Rock Place, 5-4-09 by Carl A. Patton)


Peace be unto you. The blind saw nothing as the rain fell and went. However some came with closed eyes as they could see only in the tunnel. Meanwhile the water that was rain meant much to the righteous as he watched prayed and waited on nothing.


The still of the water this day

was captured beneath the

surface as muddy creek water

ran high, swiftly but ever so

gently downstream.


Many rains had come and some

were still to come. Rain soaked

trees sagged to the ground and

those along the banks of the creek

kissed the water.


The birds always came out in the

Spring time especially when the

rains had come. Some by no

name softly chirped and sung

in the background.


Meanwhile what was man doing?

Did any of these things of the Creation

tell us anything about man? The high

rain water came not from man.

The birds also sung for themselves,


Although those that cherished

solitude appreciated the bird songs.

Well through the Creation could

you see man? After all the human

being was an integral part of the,


Creation and the seven days that God

created the heavens  (2) two and the earth.

Can we liveth and be detached from

nature and the living and the dead the

stationary and know God?


Is life only seen in the things that

talk but only the silent man can hear?

Walking in the Spirit I could not only see,

feel and touch the water, I could also

see God.