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We are grateful for another day’s journey. There will always be a challenge to Truth among the people of the world. However those that stand with Truth must endure to the end. The Crown of Victory is revealed in Peace and a place free of worry, pain and earthly hardships. Thus, we long for a place free from the lust of material things and $$$Money. Meanwhile, we defy the norm in the world and Thank God for our lack of resources. Thus we pity and pray for the Fools overcome with the ungodly desire of lust for material rewards rationalized by hatred based on race, religion and culture.


Carl A. Patton, writing for the FreedomJournal August 3, 2000.


Part 15: Economic/Racism & Jews

In the name of God, Master of the universe, Ruler of the earth.

The historical record has brought shame and infamy to many people in the world. One has some control over his personal destiny but no one can plot the course of history. Meanwhile those that record the histories of humankind have a responsibility to Truth and accuracy. Prejudiced thinking, racism and personal opinions without any factual data are irresponsible and cause confusion. We also note for the record the people of God whether they are Jews, Christians, Muslims or those that believe in African Traditional Religions and One God have something in common. Godly people do not hate other people because they do not embrace their religion or culture.

Therefore the FreedomJournal clings to the side of Truth noted in the Spirit of God the Creator. We hold no grudges against anyone. However, we detest sin and wickedness. The Creator also frowns on sin and wickedness but extends love to all He created. We also pray that we can extend love and understanding to all of God's people.

As the need to know about the past histories of Black people continues to develop, often unexplored questions are brought up for review. For the record the historical circumstances of Black Americans, Africans and Blacks throughout the Diaspora have been distorted. We also, argue that the reasons for many of these distortions are found in economic questions.

Thus we see many distortions of the Black experience revealed in economic questions that relate to the enslavement of Black people. These economic questions also directly relate to the developing philosophy of racism. Therefore, Economic/Racism was at the center of American slavery. However, who were the people involved? For the record our interest in this series of articles concerns the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade. Therefore, the scope of this study is limited to the impact and interactions of Europeans and Africans. By this time the Hebrew people scattered throughout Europe are also considered Europeans although some are distinguished by their conversion to Judaism.

The FreedomJournal argues that no one is born into a particular religion. Birth does dictate ethnicity. Thus religion is learned and embraced by "Free Will." Thus, conversion is the movement of unbelief to the belief in a particular religion. We also describe conversion as the process of change, from one belief into another. Meanwhile, as the trade in human flesh flourished various groups shared in the profits.

Many people in the Hebrew and Jewish communities denounce the Black intellectuals that explore these questions. The following is a reaction to those that dare to record facts about Economic/Racism.

"Some revisionist historians of the civil rights movement maintain that Jews, wishing to enjoy the benefits of assimilating without assuming responsibility for the injustices perpetrated against blacks by the old system of American race relation, betrayed and misled black people by promoting a vision of assimilation that has turned out to the impractical option for many." (Murray Friedman, What Went Wrong? The Creation and Collapse of The Black-Jewish Alliance, p. 2).

The analysis of the previous assertion made by Friedman, which he argues came from Black revisionists historians can be taken several ways. First if the Hebrew people are considered White people what makes them different from other White people? The obvious answer is economics and religion. However, all Hebrew people did not convert to Judaism. Also, all Hebrew people do not have the same economic resources.

Meanwhile Friedman argues: "to all appearances, the present situation is a stalemate. Like Israelis and Palestinians, each side feels wounded and victimized." (Friedman, p. 3). Friedman eventually steps on the ground that is the central issue in the critique of Black-Jewish relations.

"What we have been getting, however, is an irresponsible historical revision that aims at writing Jews out of the record of civil rights activism in this country and questions Jewish motives and methods as they relate to blacks today and in the past." (Freedman p. 3).

Here we see the clear and un- refutable charge made by Friedman. This charge is noted throughout the Jewish community. Thus Friedman and many other Hebrews and Jews argue that they have been kind and generous to Black people. Meanwhile, they cite the record of the Civil Rights Movement which shows that Jews have historically been great champions of Blacks achieving equal rights.

Meanwhile, the Afro-Centric independent thinkers in the Black community question the role of Jewish sincerity. Thus, they see parallels and distinctions between White racists and the Jewish racists. The similarities are found in the Economics of Racism. These distinctions are also found in the Jewish claims of brotherhood that they have extended with a selfish hand.

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