Greetings Brethren:

As the world turns, we continue to pray for Peace and Love throughout the world. Those that live today are not responsible for ancient history. However we are responsible for the historical record during the time in which we live. The Knowledge of God and Truth allows moods of peace and compassion for all people. We seek Peace not confusion. Meanwhile we did not make the message we only revealed it.


Carl A. Patton, writing for the FreedomJournal August 1, 2000.


Part 14: Did Slavery Establish Economic/Racism?

In the name of God, Master of the universe, Ruler of the earth.

Many people are called the wretched of the earth. These souls have become miserable by Demons of exploitation and oppression. The subtle campaign of economic, cultural, political and social exploitation continues. Thus we thank God the Father and His Son our Lord and Savior for His Word. Surely the Wretched souls of Black Folk need something and through faith in the Creator we find hope and strength.

Therefore we are forever grateful for the mercy and blessing surrendered to us by the Creator. We understand and know that our efforts to reveal Truth would not be possible without the gifts of Truth, Knowledge and Wisdom that comes from our Maker. As we praise God, we pray that He will increase and that we will decrease. We are only earthly clay vessels. However, we pray that throughout this journey Almighty God will continue to fill us with His Word.

We remind our readers that we undertook this discussion because of a vile, insulting and humiliating written attack on Black people made by David Horowitz. Mr. Horowitz an alleged liberal Hebrew rendered a ten-point attack on the Black community. He titled his message as "Ten Reasons why Reparations for slavery are a bad idea for Black people and racists too." Nevertheless, what do Hebrews are what do Jews have to do with slavery and Reparations?

Evidently Mr. Horowitz is on a guilt trip and has convicted himself lust like Judas did, when he said "Lord is it I." From our analysis the Hebrew people have played a part in the Black experiences of slavery. Thus, they have had a great impact on formulating Economic/Racism. Therefore, what is Economic/Racism?

The record shows that the economic exploitation of the people from "The Land of the Blacks" preceded racism. Thus, hatred, and malice conjured up by racial prejudice did not motivate economic exploitation. Simply greed has always been the motivating factor for economic exploitation. Thus, regarding the Black Experience racism became the rationale for economic exploitation.

Therefore, with the establishment of the Africa slave trade and the exclusive nature of Black slaves, Economic/Racism was born. However, this analysis is drawn from the Black perspective (FreedomJournal). Meanwhile, most European historians placed racism and inferiority first. This meant that Blacks were the likely choices to be enslaved for the betterment of society because they were sub-human.

Thus the philosophy arose that justified slavery based on Black inferiority. We argue that our efforts to unravel inconsistencies, lies, and half-truths are very important toward understanding the enigma of the Hebrew people. Also, the Black Experience has been a history of great mystery resulting from distortions and lies. We will now look at economics as it impacts on Blacks and racism. Economics is also involved in the Anti-Semitism of the Hebrew and Jewish people. We have previously noted that economics came first in the formulation of Economic/Racism. Thus we conclude that Blacks were economically exploited for their labor power. Thus their labor power (free labor) greatly benefited the U.S. becoming a world power by 1900.

Meanwhile Anti-Semitism and prejudice had a historic presence among many non-Hebrew people. Was economics the leading cause for this resentment? In contrast to the Blacks the Hebrews and Jews had a historic record of handling money. Thus many historians argue that the economic enterprises of the Hebrews have caused the call to Anti-Semitism by many Gentiles.

Meanwhile we return to the leading example of, and the originator of Economic/Racism, Slavery. Mr. Horowitz claims that the Reparations Movement is not legitimate. Maybe he has done us a great service with his objections and accusations about who should pay Reparations. Maybe Mr. Horowitz is trying to tell us that we should also hold Israel liable for Reparations.

For the record the FreedomJournal believes that the wicked and the unrighteous will bring a discredit to themselves. As the light of Truth shines for the righteous so will the light of Shame and Deceit shine on the wicked? Therefore, what role did the Hebrews play in the mass kidnapping of Black people from Africa?

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