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The righteous call prayers of Mercy for the un-believers and the Demagogues of Cultural Nationalism. Black Nationalism is a complex picture. It first involves Unity. Thus, the political, economic, social and historical concerns can be addressed. Also there is a need for a psychological attitude that accepts Truth and not Hate. Also, religion has a place within this ideology. However the diversity of society does not, cannot dictate a certain religion. However, Unity of purpose is essential and the necessary ingredient in the call to Nationalism.


Carl A. Patton, writing for the FreedomJournal July 30, 2000.


Part 13: Blacks and Jews: Anti-Semitism and Economic/Racism

In the name of God, Master of the universe, Ruler of the earth.

We realize that the world is set in perilous times. The wicked and the ungodly ride a high horse as they gather a flock of lost sheep. It is written that as the Day of Judgment draws near man will continue to try to destroy Truth. He will make mockery out of peace and rally around idols of material decadence. However, we are commissioned to continue our journey of Truth. We have no control over deaf ears and eyes that are blind. Nevertheless, we must "tell it" despite the Black evil hearts of humankind. It is written that man in the flesh cannot see into the heart but God the Creator can.

The question of economics has had a great impact on the Hebrew people. Economics has also played a significant part in defining Anti-Semitism. Also, the question of Economic/Racism has an impact on defining Anti-Semitism. We also at this point argue that there is a need to distinguish between Anti-Semitism coming from the White/Gentile community and so-called Anti-Semitism coming from the Black community. Thus Black writers and intellectuals that make a critical analysis of Economic/Racism as it relates to the Hebrew people are not Anti-Semitic and prejudiced toward Hebrews. As an aside the FreedomJournal has been called everything but a child of God by a vast assortment of people of all racial backgrounds. Thus, because of our critique of the Black Experience we have been Censored and our right to exist has been threatened. It is also a sad commentary that many people in the Black community have also threatened our existence and sponsored Censorship and attempt to deny our right to the First Amendment and Free Speech.

However the record shows that often when most Black intellectuals attempt to bring clarity to the Enigma of the Hebrew people the Hebrew and Jewish communities classify them as scoundrels and Anti-Semites. Meanwhile, this attitude only fuels a fire of hatred and resentment. It also brings more confusion to the table already filled with illusions, schemes, lies and false promises.

Meanwhile, we see factors of economics influencing the White attitude toward Jews and particular economic factors affecting the Black attitude toward Jews.

William Nicholls writing about what he calls Anti-Semitism in the Black community argues for a starting point.

"The first signs of it emerge as early as the 2nd World War, but the majority of blacks were then friendly to the Jews. I do not know whether the Black Anti-Semitism should be classified as liberals, left wing or traditional Christian Anti-Semitism." (William Nicholls, Christian Anti-Semitism, A History of Hate, p. 402-403).

Again we argue that Black intellectuals that have attempted to record the Truth about the relationship of Blacks and Jews are not always prejudiced toward Jews. For example all European that write about the Black experience are not all racists. Also, racism can apply to any group of people. However, the record shows that Anti-Semitism has an exclusive relationship to the Jews although there are various other Semitic people.

Thus, the exclusive nature of Anti-Semitism contributes to the confusion of the Hebrew people. Meanwhile, racism, discrimination, and religious prejudices directed toward Arabs, Africans and other Semitic people are not noted as Anti-Semitism. Nevertheless, let us go back to Nicholls and his starting point for so-called Black Anti-Semitism.

The FreedomJournal argues that to get a sensible understanding about the conflict between Jews and Blacks we must go back well beyond WWII. Thus the origin of Economic/Racism and slavery in the United Sates is the primary point of departure for a critical analysis of the Enigma of Hebrew people as they relate to Black people.

Meanwhile, we need to re-define Anti-Semitism from a Black perspective. Black intellectuals are not Anti-Semitic because they are responsible enough to research and ponder the mysteries of Black/Jewish relationships. Therefore Jews and Hebrews are Anti-Black, prejudiced and Anti-Semitic when they try to deny Black intellectuals the right to Free Speech and Academic Freedoms. Thus, Blacks are the victims not the villains.

To gain more clarity about the on-going attempt to blame the victim we again turn to Mr. Nicholls. Nicholls argues that those Black intellectuals eager to establish the legitimacy of Afro-American contributions to world culture do not hesitate to defame Jews. Thus, in their poverty and frustration, the Blacks have begun to look for scapegoats. (Nicholls, p. 403).

Nicholls goes on to argue that Professor Henry Louis Gates has been critical of Black intellectuals that have projected what he and Nicholls describe as an Anti-Semitic view. (New York Times, July 20, 1992).

Meanwhile why do we still have bold attempts to distort history by certain groups in the world? For the record the White people (Gentile) of the world as a hold do not try to deny, reject and totally refute a history of racism and economic exploitation of Third World people. Surely there is some debate on the extent of these crimes but generally the intellectual communities acknowledge these facts. Thus, the record has constantly been brought up for review.

However, the Hebrew record of Economic/Racism has been an elusive non-happening. Thus, the academic community is forbidden to bring these questions up for review. Therefore, these bigots prevent the enlightenment of society and refute Brotherhood among various people in the world. Peace is an elusive dream and a nightmare in a world filled with lies, and half truths. Therefore, the historic actions of the Europeans and Gentiles have affected the contemporary Black experience. It is also for sure that the historic interactions of the Hebrew people have also affected the Black experience over time.

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