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Carl A. Patton, writing for the FreedomJournal July 28, 2000


Part 12: Anti-Semitism And Jewish Ethno/Economics

In the name of God, Master of the universe, Ruler of the earth.

As the description of the Hebrew people went from race to religion and religion to race, another factor came into the equation. Thus, Economics came to play a part in the on-going enigma of the Hebrew people. Meanwhile, these factors became over shadowed by Anti-Semitism. Therefore, concerns regarding the Hebrew people, Jews, religion or race usually involved some aspect of Anti-Semitism.

As we explore the components of Anti-Semitism, we will find some utility in the following framework of analysis. The primary disciplines of thought are generated from the Social Sciences arena. These areas of thought involve historical, political, economic, psychological and social disciplines. However, some of these areas over-lap. They also include the areas of philosophy and religion.

Thus as we further explore Anti-Semitism, we note the following. Historical factors of Anti-Semitism are found in religious questions regarding the Hebrew people as the chosen people with whom God made the First Covenant.

The second factor in our framework of analysis includes the political and racial grounds for Anti-Semitism. God ordained the land of Israel in the Bible. Our third factor of Anti-Semitism resides in the economic history of the Hebrew people as bankers, and moneylenders. Psychological implications also become important. The historic relationship of the Hebrew people with God influenced a Hebrew arrogance and superiority. Meanwhile, the White or Aryan back-lash caused sustained Anti-Semitism.

Meanwhile, the fifth factor in our framework for analysis rests in the social and societal factors of Anti-Semitism. The Hebrew and Jewish people have become throughout the Diaspora a culture within a culture. Often assimilating when convenient and necessary. Often in America they went from the Black side to the White side and vice versa.

It is the consensus among Jewish and Gentile historians that the Hebrew people have had a long history in banking and finance. The following is a prominent theme prevalent in assessing Jewish history in finance.

"In the period after the First Crusade, the economic and social condition of the Jews in Europe changed. Increasingly, they were denied all occupations but banking. Jews became the agents of Princes. (William Nicholls, Christian Anti-Semitism, A History of Hate, p. 232).

Nicholls goes on to describe what has caused many writers of Jewish history to conclude that Jews are materialistic profit seeking innovators of credit and loan-sharking.

"Few borrowers had enough credit with the Jewish bankers that their loans could be obtained without security. In most cases, some property had to be offered as collateral and its value negotiated with the lender. As a result of defaults, the Jewish bankers came into possession of a substantial quantity of second-hand goods they could sell at a profit. (Nicholls, p. 233).

Thus Nicholls and many other Jewish and Gentile historians conclude that many of these events led to a particular medieval image of the Jews. This image projected Jews as greedy and oppressive money lenders. This image survives to this day. (Nicholls, p. 235). This image is vividly seen in the following quotation. Here though Nicholls notes that the greed of Jews are fantasies.

"Perhaps the most persistent of all the libel is the identification of Jews with usury. It has taken the form of fantasies about Jewish financial control of the economics of the countries where they live. Jews are widely believed to control the banks, the film industry, and the media, and to use this control for their own narrow ends, including the promotion of the state of Israel." (Nicholls, p. 386).

As the previous statements are digested again, we refer to the parallels between the Hebrew people and Blacks in America. Thus, what are the factors of economic racism and Anti-Semitism? Also are Black scholars that seek to answer the previous questions Anti-Semites? Meanwhile, what has been the historic economic dilemma for Blacks and Jews? Have Jews suffered Anti-Semitism because of their control of money and economic institutions? Have Blacks suffered racism because of lack of money and a need by moneyed interests to exploit their labor power?

Again we look at who are the Hebrew people? Nicholls argues that:

"Those that denounce Zionism as a form of Western Colonialism allege that Jews are simply Western people of Jewish faith, without continuity with the ancient people of Israel. They are members of a religion, not a nation it is asserted, perhaps not even descendants of the ancient Israelites." (Nicholls, p. 393).

Thus, from the Black perspective most Hebrews are merely White people. Thus, they harbor the same racial prejudices as the White community. However, they often claim to be the friends of the Black community.

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