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Part 11: Anti-Semitism: The Evolution From Religion To Ethno/Economics

In the name of God, Master of the universe, Ruler of the earth.

Various factors have influenced the prejudice and hatred toward Hebrew people. These factors have also contributed to the confusion and enigma of the Hebrew people. For the record our analysis is benefited by the reality that all Hebrew people are not practicing Jews. Therefore, we argue, Hebrew people are people that claim ethnic origins to the ancient Hebrews. For the record many of these people do not follow the Torah, the Talmud the Mishnah or any other Jewish law.

Therefore confusion arises when all Hebrew people are labeled as Jews (those that follow Judaism). Also Arabs are not automatically Muslim although they were born in a Muslim country and raised in a Muslim home. Religion is a personal relationship with God, Allah, Jehovah, and Yahweh. Thus one cannot be born a Christian, a Jew or a Muslim nor can one be born a believer in African Traditional Religions. Thus, Blacks in the Diaspora are not automatically members of an ancient African religion.

Religion does involve culture. However, culture is best seen and realized (when one lives in a culture) within the particular environment in which you live. Thus the ancestors of the kidnapped people from "The Land of the Blacks," were placed in another culture. Thus, many aspects of their previous culture evolved into the culture in which they lived.

Therefore Dog-Matic Cultural Nationalists need to stop putting themselves on a guilt trip for a History they cannot change. Thus, with respect to our ancestors and the historical legacy of African and Black people we note the following. African Traditional Religions are foreign to the Black Americans and not Christianity. Black Americans were born in America however wretched this existence has been. Thus, our culture has been one of the west and a search for the knowledge of the past culture of our ancestors.

Meanwhile, we see the on-going confusion of culture, race and religion among the Hebrew people. Will society define them as a race or a religion? Here again one can be born a Hebrew but one cannot be born a believer in Judaism. However, some of this confusion may have come about regarding the Covenant God made with the Hebrew people. Thus causing most if not all Hebrews to believe that whether they followed God's commands are not they have a special purpose and are the chosen.

Again we note that the original Hebrew people were chosen. Yes they were chosen to carry the message of God to the Gentiles. However, most Hebrews have rejected Christianity and the Messiah. Thus, they have chosen to wait on the first coming of the Messiah. Meanwhile, the world has witnessed the New Covenant from God affirming the extension and evolution of Judaism to Christianity.

Therefore it is no surprise that early prejudice toward the Hebrew people was based on religion. Also, despite obedience or disobedience to God and worship all Hebrew people were placed in the category of hatred and prejudice. Thus Anti-Semitism came to apply only to the Hebrews, religious or not.

Meanwhile, the religious Anti-Semitism of Medieval times extended to modern times. However, race now came to describe the Hebrew people. Race and nation came also to denote Zionism. Previously there had been attempts to allow the Hebrew people to denounce Judaism and embrace Christianity. For example Napoleon had a plan for the Jews of France as revealed in his plan for Emancipation and reform.

"To become French citizens Jews had to give up their historic claim to be a distinct people, and their hope of ever returning to their own land. Thus, Jews had to make a critical sacrifice of identity, and take on a concept of religion and a place in society that was novel for them that was inherently Christian and not Jewish. (William Nicholls, Christian Anti-Semitism, A History of Hate, p. xxi).

Meanwhile Zionism caused this plan to be null and void. The philosophy of Zionism "reaffirmed that the Jews are a people, a nation like other nations with a right to and need for a state of their own. (Nicholls p. 303-304). However to do this Nicholls argues that the Jews had to break with the traditional Jewish belief that only the Messiah could restore the people to their land.

Meanwhile, anthropologists from an account rendered by Nicholls came to originate the idea of racism in the eighteen century. While Buffon and Linnaenus are said to have laid the ground work, Goethe believed that Adam was the ancestor only of Jews. However, Voltaire put forth the most extreme example of racism during this period; he argued that Blacks were an immediate species between the Whites and the apes. (Nicholls p. 323).

So as race came to identify the Hebrew people for religious persecution race also became the rationale for Black economic exploitation. This brings us to the question has economics influenced Anti-Semitism? What has race got to do with the economics of Anti-Semitism?

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