(26 March 2009, Victory Park, Carl A. Patton)



May the Peace of God be forever with you. There is no doubt that God heals all things and every mood and action of those with a Spirit. This Spirit also goes with those dead and those that will have life everlasting at the Last and Final Day. We pray for a right Spirit for all that liveth. However this Spirit is tainted at death when one seeks to defy the laws of God. Beware that the body is disposed of properly at death. No one can deny the divine laws of the resurrection.



Beloved as we go through this often less

than sovereign land the saints are

commissioned to make an on-going

testimony regarding their faith and the

supreme goodness of God and His mercy.


Many of the righteous and the un-

righteous are healed in various physical

ways however the greatest aspect of

healing comes by way of the spiritual

and this is by free will.


But there will come a time in almost all

the times of life of those that liveth that

there will be a great and often dreaded

time when thoughts of death and dying

needs healing.


Spiritual healing thus removes the sting

of death and the sad songs that are written

should be songs of joy. Meanwhile some

have been called to great service. We give

thanks for being chosen to carry a load that,


Will never get to heavy. Our burdens never

bent our spirit nor did it cause us to be absent

from our responsibilities to let our light shine

sent by Jesus to forever shine. Thank you Lord

That is our sincere prayer and testimony.


As God heals the land and the body follows.

Will a healed body heal the land? To submit

To Godís will is divine. To serve while we

still have blood that runs red and warm is

a saving grace.



Peace and Love, Carl A. Patton a willing slave and servant of Almighty God writing for the Free Press the FreedomJournal Press this 20th day of May 2009 in the year of our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus.