There will come

a day and

time when all,


Will go as

the wind when

the flesh will,

Become dust and

the spirit will

live forever.

Glory to that

day as the

great homecoming.

So it is

written for the

righteous, the patient,

And to those

who have faith

and wait.



Part 1:Introduction

Part 2: You have To Know Christ To Be Spiritually Healed (I Cor. 2: 1)

Part 3: Christ Jesus: The Mercy of The Cross (I Cor. 2: 2)

Part 4: The Lord Will Help The Righteous To Spiritual Healing (I Cor. 2: 3)

Part 5: The Holy Spirit Inspires Called Preachers (I Cor. 2: 4)

Part 6: Godís Wisdom Will Last Forever (I Cor. 2: 5)

Part 7: Get Your Heart Right To Receive Spiritual Healing (I Cor. 2: 6)

Part 8: The Way To Spiritual Healing Is Now Revealed (I Cor. 2: 7)


Part 9: You Have To Know Christ To Receive Spiritual Healing (I Cor. 2: 8)

Part 10: The Knowledge To See God and Spiritual Healing Comes From God (I Cor. 2: 9)

Part 11: The Revelation of Truth Comes By The Spirit (I Cor. 2: 10)

Part 12: Believers Understand The Supernatural Power of the Spirit (I Co. 2: 11)

Part 13: The Spirit of God Comes by Divine Inspiration (I Cor. 2: 12)

Part 14: Allowing The Spirit To Work In You (I Cor. 2: 14)

Part 15: Obtaining The Mind of Christ (I Cor. 2: 16)

Part 16: There Is Freedom In The Spirit (Rom. 8: 1)


Part 17: The Gospel Is The Law of The Spirit (Rom. 8: 2)

Part 18: Only Christ Can Save Us Not The Law (Rom. 8: 3)

Part 19: The Spirit of Truth Is Christ Jesus (Rom. 8: 9)

Part 20: Jesus Christ Directs The Way and Is The Way To Spiritual Healing (Rom. 8: 10)

Part 21: Those Raised In Righteousness Are Spiritually Healed (Rom. 8: 11)

Part 22: The Gospel Unlocks The Spirit (Rom. 8: 14)

Part 23: Walking In The Spirit To Spiritual Healing (Rom. 8: 16-17)

Part 24: Do You Have A Relationship With God (Rom. 8: 17)




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