It is for sure that man does not have the power to heal. Meanwhile, many people in the church claim to have this miraculous power. Therefore, we continue to note the scriptures revealed by Almighty Jehovah God to his messengers regarding the Truth. Healing and the great miracles of God passed with the passing of the Apostles. However God is still in the healing business and can perform miracles as He chooses. But this power is not displayed like it was during the times of the establishment of the church.

We bear (FreedomJournal) witness to the Truth of God. However, there will always be False Prophets claiming to be little gods. So it is our task to expose those who defile and taint the Word of God. Many are lost because of False teaching. This is not pleasing to God. In our efforts to please God man has cause to Censor and Rebuke the FreedomJournal. However it is written that we pray not for our well-being and the absence of persecution but for the ability to continue to render the Truth.

Part 51: The Holy Spirit & Prayer

Part 52: The Spirit of Truth & Comfort

Part 53: Jesus: His Name In Prayer

Part 54: The Righteousness of Prayer

Part 55: Who Is The Right Person To Pray For Healing?

Part 56: Effective Prayer & Healing

Part 57: Pray Humbly & Pray Boldly

Part 58: Pray Without Ceasing

Part 59: Pray In Agreement With One Another

Part 60: The Word of God & Prayer



Part 61: The Law of Reaping, Sowing & Health

Part 62: Sin & Healing (1 John 1: 7-9)

Part 63: Why Do Christians Suffer (Romans 5: 3-5)

Part 64: Will The Righteous Suffer? (2 Cor. 12: 6-10)

Part 65: Will The Righteous Suffer

Part 66: Come Closer To God & Ask For Healing (James 4:1-3)

Part 67: Healing & Laying On Hands (Mark 16:18 & 15-18)

Part 68: Spiritual Gifts & Laying On Hands (Acts 6:2, 8, 19:6)

Part 69: Laying On Hands: Gift Of New Testament Times (Acts 6:4-7)

Part 70: Laying On Hands A Closer Look (Acts 6: 7-8)


Part 71: Paul Had The Power To Lay Hands of Healing (Acts 9:12-17)

Part 72: Paul A Chosen Vessel Heals The Sick (Acts 28:8)

Part 73: Paul Hands of Miracles (Acts 19:11 & 1-20)

Part 74: Jesus: Hands of Life (Matt. 9:18-26)

Part 75: Healing In God's Time VS. Reasoning (1 Cor. 1:20-25)

Part 76: The Wisdom of God & Healing (1 Cor. 1:22-25)

Part 77: God Heals Through Peter & John (Acts 3: 1-26)

Part 78: God Is Good To Those Who Love Him (Romans 8: 28)

Part 79: God Heals Because of Compassion & Mercy (Mark 1: 41)

Part 80: There Is Victory Over Disease & Death


Part 81: Don't Allow Fear To Be An Obstacle To Healing

Part 82: Fears, Trials, Tribulations, & Healing

Part 83: Christian Strength: Through Trials & Tests

Part 84: Jesus Came To Heal

Part 85: Jesus Heals All Sickness

Part 86: They Touched Jesus & Were Healed

Part 87: God Sent Jesus To Heal

Part 88: At The Point Of Death Only Jesus Can Heal

Part 89: Do You Want To Be Healed?

Part 90: Lord We Stretch Our Hands To Thee

Part 91: Do Not Worry: The Peace of God

Part 92: The Prosperity of the Soul & Body




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