In the name of God, Master of the universe, Ruler of the earth.

By the grace and mercy of Almighty God we continue our role as a vessel for the Truth of God. It is for sure that the False Teaching in the church and the acceptance of False Doctrines is leading to the destruction of the Church. For the record man in all of his finite wisdom cannot destroy the Church. However he can recruit many lost souls for Satanís ragtag army and pave their way to Hell and destruction.

Healing is one of the most prominent events that occur in the Bible. Healing also has a prominent place in the hearts and mind of humankind that are destined to live and to die. Hence healing has come to extend life. This life is all that one has ever witnessed. However, the Believer knows another life although he has not witnessed it in the flesh.

Meanwhile, many people want to stay on this side of the river as long as possible. In steps the Faith- Healer and those that attempt to sell the power of God. The disgraceful (words do not exist to describe this vermin) people that claim they can heal people are common criminals. We believe that the laws of man should be written to dissuade some of these thieves.

However we bear witness that Almighty God will Judge all that have come claiming to speak and act for God but follow Satan. Thus as these crimes continue throughout the Church there is a need to reveal the scriptures that dispute the validity of present day Faith-Healers.

Hence the FreedomJournal comes not as an apologist for the false teachers that claim Healing power. We also do not come to win the favor of any group that walk or crawl the planet earth. Our primary concern is to please God. Thus we are very aware that in the process we will not; please many of God's people and those that belong to Satan. However, God's people do not have any power. God has all power and only God can heal the human body.

Meanwhile our indictment of the Liars of the faith will include the following: What is healing? What is a miracle? The Old Testament and healing. New Testament Healing, Jesus Christ. Healing of the Apostles Prayer and Healing False Prophecy and Healing. Man and Healing.

We also declare that we will be led by the Spirit. Thus, we cannot at this time note all of the concerns of this series. However the main thrust of this series will be to Lift God up and show that man who claims healing power is a Liar of the highest order.

Peace and Love,

Carl Patton writing for the FreedomJournal March 31, 2001 in the year of our Lord.


Part 1: The Bible and Healing


Part 2: Jesus & Healing


Part 3: The Medical Community And Healing


Part 4: Healing and Good Health


Part 5: Spiritual Healing Vs. Physical Healing



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