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For the righteous there is a blessing in the need for physical and spiritual healing.

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Carl Patton writing for the FreedomJournal February 13, 2002 in the year of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.




In the name of Jehovah God, Master of the universe, Ruler of the earth.

The physician is a person who understands the art of medicine and healing. The Hebrew people were influenced greatly by the Egyptians who had an initial impact on the art of healing and medicine. It is also noted that the Egyptian priesthood had several divisions. Healing was also a role of the priesthood. However, the embalmers were an inferior order of Priests.

Therefore, we see the continued practice of the involvement of Priests and Prophets in healing. During the Mosaic Law (days of Moses & the Old Law) there were mid-wives and regular physicians who attended the Israelites (see Exodus 21: 19).

During the Biblical period (post Egyptian period) most medical practices were surgical and external. However, the Hebrew people were not without some knowledge of internal and even mental disorders.

As we pursue the Biblical record regarding the medical profession, we see several explanations for illness in the Old Testament. Deuteronomy 28 reveals that health and the related principle of illness and healing are related to the violation of certain Covenant stipulations. Therefore healing and remedies are involved in an evaluation of one's state of health and the Covenant.

Meanwhile, the Book of Job offers a quite different view. Here we see that illness may stem from divine plans that the patient may be unaware of. However the patient must have faith and trust that God is all knowing and has reason for his state of health.

Perhaps the most outstanding feature of the Hebrew attitude toward health came in its division. This division results in legitimate and illegitimate options for patients in pursuit of healing. But God is in control (Ex. 15:26 and Job 5: 18).

Prayer has always been the most accessible and most common (inexpensive) option open to the righteous in search of healing. (Isaiah 38:10-20). Many Psalms may have been intended as prayers for patients that need healing. Also, many Psalms reveal important Hebrew concepts concerning illness and health care. (See Psalms 38).

The illegitimate options were rooted in Pagan and Heathen rituals etc. For example many of the Hebrew people had confidence in sorcerers. The evidence of female figurines gives credence to fertility rituals. Also, there is evidence of a healing cult during the Persian period with the discovery of a large dog cemetery.

Meanwhile the Prophets were noted as the most distinguished and were accepted as the legitimate healing consultants. However, they often were in competition with the illegitimate healers. (Deut. 18: 10- 17). Much of the Old Testament reflects an effort to promote Prophets as the only legitimate consultants regarding healing. (2 Kings 4: 8).

For example 2 Kings 8: 8 the Prophets provided the prognosis. They also interceded on behalf of the patient. As seen in 2 kings 5: 11. There have always been false Prophets who claim they can heal. During Old Testament times the Hebrew Prophets unlike the illegitimate healing consultants depended on God. Thus they depended on their relationship with God more so than any technical knowledge or skill.

The post exilic period in Israel saw a gradual change regarding health care. The Priestly Code was an extensive manual on public health. Thus, the priesthood had the power to define illness and health for the Hebrew nation. The chronically ill were restricted access to the temple. This included the lepers, the blind and the lame. This was done because of laws of regarding impurity. (Lev. 13-14, 2 Sam. 5: 8).

Under the Old Law a theology of impurity was developed. This particular theology revealed a system of social boundaries. It further sought to remove the unfit from society. This unfit element was noted as the chronically ill.

Meanwhile, by the time of the Second Temple other developments began to take shape. The demise and end of the Prophetic office led to the evident legitimate status of various folk-healers and mid-wives (Ex. 1: 15-21).

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