Greetings Brethren especially the So-Called Faith-Healers:

We warn you as Almighty God is our witness and Judge: STOP TAKING THE PEOPLES MONEY FOR GOD'S HEALING POWER.

The scriptures are clear on this question. When God did give his servants the power to Heal in His name, they were not to take any money or reward for doing the will of God.


Do you honestly believe that the God we serve would want you to lift up some man in the flesh with monetary rewards for Healing? AGAIN WE NOTE THAT IF ANY OF THE FAITH- HEALERS HAVE ANY HEALING POWER WHY DON'T THEY GO THE HOSPITALS, MORGUES AND NURSING HOMES?

We plead with you; (those of you that attempt to walk the straight way) remove your self from the False Prophets. Don't get caught up in the worldly game of those that are popular and rich. Show me a rich Preacher from ungodly tithes, offerings and salary and I will show you a Hell- Bent Devil of the Highest? I mean Lowest order.

Peace and Love,

Carl Patton writing for the FreedomJournal April 19, 2001 in the year of our Lord.




In the name of God, Master of the universe, Ruler of the earth.

Elisha was Elijah's replacement as God's prophet to Israel. Elijah and Elisha sought to respond to the needs of the people. Elijah helped create an atmosphere where people could freely worship. He had an expressed mission to expose idolatry. Meanwhile Elisha demonstrated the love and care of God as he sought to help all that came to him for help.

At Horeb (Horeb is the mountain where Moses received his commission Exodus 3:1. Horeb is also known as Mt. Sinai). God directed Elijah to anoint Elisha as his successor (1 Kings 19:16- 21). As Elijah left Horeb on his way north, he found Elisha plowing a field. Elijah cast his mantle (a mantle is a large, sleeveless, outer garment it is also noted as a garment with sleeves, Isaiah 3:22) upon Elijah, who understood the significance of the act as the choice of himself to succeed the older prophet.

Elisha next appeared in connection with the translation of Elijah (2 Kings 2). It is also recorded that he followed Elijah until he was taken up to heaven. As he approaches his ministry Elisha moved with compassion for those around him.

As one of the greatest prophets in the Old Testament Elisha is a great example of the healing power of God. Thus as we explore the miracles of healing in the Bible, we again see God using his chosen people to do His will.

2 Kings 2:21. "And he went forth unto the spring of the waters, and cast the salt in there, and said, Thus saith the Lord, I have healed these waters: there shall not be from thence anymore death or barren land." (Also see 2:19-22)

This incident further noted that Elisha was truly Elijah's replacement. Thus this miracle demonstrates Elisha's new power and authority as Israel's chief prophet under God's ultimate power and authority.

Related Scripture:

Exodus 15:25, 22-27. The people complain about bitter water.

The miracle of the Shunammite's Son 2 Kings 4:8-37.

4:8. "And it fell on a day, that Elisha passed to Shunem, when there was a great woman: and she constrained him to eat bread. And so it was, that as oft as he passed by, he turned thither to eat bread."

The Shunemite woman realized that Elisha was a man of God. Thus she prepared a room for him and offered him food. Elisha as an offer of gratitude gave her a son (allowed her to give birth as her husband was old). Elisha also raised this boy from the dead. In verses 32-36 Elisha prayed for the boy to regain life. God is a mover in the lives of hurting people. Elisha as a faithful representative of God expressed genuine love for others as he carried God's message to the people.

A final note on the miracle of healing as recorded by 2 Kings and the prophet Elisha is noted in the healing of Naaman the leper. 2 Kings 5:26-27 and 1-27.

2 Kings 5:1. "Now Naaman, captain of the host of the king of Syria, was a great man with his master, and honorable, because by him the Lord had given deliverance unto Syria: he was also a might man in valour, but he was a leper."

A servant girl taken from Israel by the Syrians told Naaman's wife of the prophet Elisha and the healing power of the God he served. The king of Syria sent Naaman to Israel to the king thinking that he could order Elisha to heal Naaman. He also thought that God's gift of healing could be bought.

Naaman finally was sent to Elisha. Elisha instructed him to go wash in the Jordan river 7 times. Naaman was reluctant but he finally consented and was healed. Here we see a great lesson in obedience. We may not always understand God's way of working, but by obeying and remaining humble God will bless us.

1. God's ways are best.

2. God wants our obedience more than anything else.

3. God can use anything to accomplish his purposes

5:16. As a servant of God Elisha refused to take any money for healing Naaman. Thus Elisha showed that God's favor cannot be purchased. Money is useless in the face of death. Our faith in Jesus Christ is what will save us and not our bank accounts.

5:18-19. Naaman was not asking for permission to worship an idol god. He asked for permission to do his civil duty. The record shows that Naaman was well aware of God's power.

5:20-27. "Gehazi the servant of Elisha without the knowledge of Elisha went after Naaman and asked for the reward that Elisha had refused. However his plan was flawed:

1. He willingly accepted money that had been offered to someone else.

2. He falsely implied that money could be exchanged for God's free gift of healing and mercy.

3. He tried to cover up his motives.

Meanwhile Gehazi like many false prophets today have more interest in personal gain than serving God. You cannot serve both God and money Matthew 6:24.

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