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We are grateful this day and all days we have been with God the Creator of all that exists. Is knowledge of God the greatest Joy? When you deny The Lottery, (The Devils Power Ball) for God you are on the way. Hence it is written that Faith is greater than a Dollar Bill that is often soiled and Dirty.

Peace and Love,

Carl Patton writing for the FreedomJournal August 27, 2001 in the year of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.




In the name of Jehovah God, Master of the universe, Ruler of the earth.

The Philippian jailer is converted as is noted in Acts 16:25-34 and 16-40. There were various superstitious beliefs that existed during Greek and Roman culture. Thus, through fortune-telling many people believed the future could be fore-told. In this passage of scripture we see a young slave girl possessed with an evil spirit. However, she made her master very rich by telling people their fortunes. She also spoke of the condition of Paul and Silas and noted the following.

Acts 16:17. "The same followed Paul and us, and cried, saying, These men are the servants of the most high God which show unto us the way of salvation."

16:18. "And this did she many days, But Paul, being grieved, turned and said to the spirit, I command thee in the name of Jesus Christ to come out of her. And he came out the same hour."

The slave girl made a true statement noting the Paul and Silas were God sent men. However, the source of this knowledge was a demon. She did not receive any super natural power from God. As a for-runner of modern day fortune tellers and faith healers she was a con artist. Thus, she made them think she could foretell future events.

Meanwhile it is noted that the Lord does not accept testimony from Demon possessed fortune- tellers. This is why Paul was annoyed. He did not want to link the Gospel of Jesus Christ with demon-related activities. If so people would become confused and Christ would be associated with evil. So Paul commanded the spirit to leave the slave girl so she could not continue to mis-lead the people.

When this happened the Bible says (Acts 16:19-21) the masters of the slave girl became angry. This anger lead to their persecution and imprisonment.

16:23. "And when they had laid man stripes upon them, they cast them into prison, charging the jailor to keep them safely."

16:25. And at midnight Paul and Silas prayed, and sang praises unto God: and the prisoners heard them."

Although Paul and Silas were beaten and placed in stocks they praised God. While they prayed and sang songs of praise the other prisoners listened. Hence we see a great lesson of faith. Regardless of circumstances praise God and keep the faith. Those that don't know God that hear your faithful praises may also come to know God.

16:26. " And suddenly there was a great earthquake, so that the foundations of the prison was shaken: and immediately all the doors were opened, and every one's bands were loosed."

The power that released Paul and Silas was a miracle from God. This miracle is related to the miracle that freed Peter from prison in Acts 12:7-10. The Lord would not perform a jail delivery in opposition to the law. Thus it is assumed that the other prisoners were being held lawfully. So although the bands were loosed no one escaped.

16:27. "And the keeper of the prison awakening out of his sleep, and seeing the prison doors open, he drew out his sword, and would have killed himself, supposing that the prisoners had been fled."

16:28. "But Paul cried with a loud voice saying, Do thyself no harm: for we are all here."

16:29. "Then he called for a light, and sprang in, and came trembling, and fell down before Paul and Silas."

He fell down before Paul and Silas because this miracle convinced him that these men had been imprisoned unjustly.

16:30. "And brought them out, and said, Sirs, what must I do to be saved?"

10:31. "And they said, Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and this shalt be saved, and thy house."

The jailer was a heathen and did not understand the teachings of the Gospel. But this miracle that he had witnessed convinced him that they represented a great power. He also realized that he would suffer a great punishment unless he did something to prevent it. Thus, the question.

Paul answered and pointed to the source of salvation. Jesus Christ is the source and who we place our trust and faith. When we do this, we can expect miracles in our lives. Meanwhile Paul became very close to the church at Philippi. The people were mainly Gentiles and Paul saw in them the real future of the church. They were poor but their faith was strong.

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