Greetings Brethren:

All of humankind can be healed if they believe in Jehovah and accept the Truth. Jehovah has not sent anybody in the flesh to heal humankind during these days and times. Yield not to False Teachers that profess to be Healers of physical souls. But Yield to Jehovah God and be made whole.

Peace and Love,

Carl Patton a willing slave of Jehovah God and a servant of the people writing for the FreedomJournal July 6, 2001 in the year of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.




In the name of Jehovah God, Master of the universe, Ruler of the earth.

The miracles and awesome power of God cannot be directed by man in the flesh. Thus, we know not the time or place for the healing of God. We also cannot tell God when to answer our prayers and heal our physical bodies. However if we have faith and believe in God we began to motivate the healing of our sin sick souls.

Therefore the mental and spiritual healing takes affect with your choice between good (God) and evil (Satan). However, there is an on-going growing process for God's blessings. Thus through the study of the Word, prayer, worship and service you humble yourself to God and thus allow healing. Meanwhile, the blessings of God are mired in myths and misconceptions. Also the record shows that historically there have been people that claim to possess the power of God.

Many of these people claim God gave them this power are that God uses them to heal people. The Bible tells us that God can and will use anyone He has created to carry-out His plans. But God does not use the unsaved and unbelievers, and the ungodly in an on-going effort to achieve measures of the divine plan and will. For example God will not use money lusting so-called faith- healers to demonstrate His healing power.

Meanwhile, the myth makers, False Prophets and Faith-Healers distort the Bible and cause confusion among the people. For the record all believers have a responsibility to be in an on-going relationship with God. Thus, we should seek to daily grow in the Sprit and Truth of God. Therefore if the believers keep God first and not man they would not be blinded by the False Prophets who claim healing power.

The myths about healing can also be described as false teaching. These statements are not always devoid of truth. The presence of some truth is often a key factor in convicting and convincing those weak in the faith. The weak and the lazy often find it much easier to believe what a Faith- Healer/ False Prophet says about healing than what God reveals. These people are clearly identified by the Faith-Healers as people who will not or cannot read and study the Bible. Thus the Faith-Healers know that lack of knowledge of God will allow them to exploit and manipulate these people.

Here the Faith-healers preach that faith is the key to your healing. Thus if you have, faith God will grant them the power to heal. The following are several prominent measures they say that will affect your healing:

1. If and when a person has enough faith, they will be healed.

2. God will answer every prayer for healing if it is prayed in faith.

3. Your healing can be blocked by past or unconfessed sin.

God has proclaimed that He will heal those who obey Him.

Exodus 15:26. "And said, If thou wilt diligently hearken to the voice of the Lord thy God, and wilt do that which is right in his sight, and wilt give ear to his commandments, and keep all his statutes, I will put none of these diseases upon thee, which I have brought upon the Egyptians: for I am the Lord that healeth thee."

In this passage of scripture God promised that if the Hebrew people obeyed Him they would not be affected by the diseases that plagued the Egyptians. However we see God's healing power taking affect in various ways. Many of the moral laws given to them through Moses were designed to keep them free from sickness. Thus to achieve healing we must submit to God's directions for living.

Jesus Christ was/is the greatest healer; in the following scripture he makes a clear statement on His expressed mission to the world and its people.

Luke 4:18. "The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he hath anointed me to preach the gospel to the poor; he hath sent me to heal the broken hearted, to preach deliverance to the captives, and recovering of sight to the blind, to set at liberty them that are bruised."

The Apostle Paul gives us additional scripture to understand how God affects healing.

1 Corinthians 2:5. 'That your faith should not stand in the wisdom of men, but in the power of God"

The power of God is revealed through the Holy Spirit. Thus, the Holy Spirit is directly involved in healing. However, the greatest act of healing comes through salvation. Physical healing is not a priority. Therefore, the greatest enemy is not death but to be dead in sin.

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