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We you submit to Jehovah are to man? Many confused so-called Christians (men and women) seek out ungodly Preachers like a Whore who seek and search to find a Pimp. Satan can blind the people that have the world on their mind instead of Jehovah God. Keep God first and defeat the Money Hustlers the workers of the Devils Black Magic of Death.

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In the name of Jehovah God, Master of the universe, Ruler of the earth.

Ezekiel means Jehovah strengthens. He was called to be a prophet during the 5th year of the exile in Babylon. Ezekiel is called to be a watchman for Israel. Also, Jehovah commanded him to warn the people to repent. The healing power of Jehovah is seen as the inspired writer reveals the promise of a New Covenant (Ezekiel 11:19 and 36:26). Also in 18:21 Ezekiel records that he is looking forward to the indwelling of the spirit promised by Christ.

Ezekiel was a priest by training. However, he was called by God to be a prophet. As God's prophet he received visions and his powerful messages revealed his greatness as a Preacher. A central part of his message was the importance of each person's accountability before God. Therefore he taught the Hebrew people that God expected personal obedience and worship form each of them.

The last nine chapters in the Book of Ezekiel have been noted as some of the most puzzling passages in the Old Testament. However there is a broad agreement that these passages are predictions of the reconstruction period after the 70-year captivity with a particular reference to the rebuilding of the Temple.

Ezekiel 47:1. The River of Healing

"Afterward he brought me again unto the door of the house; and, behold, waters issued out from under the threshold of the house eastward: for the forefront of the house stood toward the east, and the waters came down from under the right side of the house, at the south side of the altar."

The general greatness of God is revealed in the various directions that the river flows. It is also noted by many theologians that this passage and these last chapters are a prediction of things to come in the age after the judgment day. This river is also similar to the river noted in Revelation 22:1-2 and 17. There is also an association between these rivers and the river noted in the Garden of Eden (Genesis 2:10). Also see Psalms 46:4, Zechariah 13:1

Ezekiel 47:8. "Then said he unto me, These waters issue out toward the east country, and go down into the desert, and go into the sea: which being brought forth into the sea, the waters shall be healed."

The water that flows from Gods Temple gives life. Thus no matter what state we are in God can heal us.

Related Scripture: Isaiah 35:6-7

These passages note the figurative reference to the healing power of God. We also see a beautiful picture of the final kingdom. Here after the days of judgment we see a life of peace and eternal healing.

Cont. Part 29: Repentance Can Lead to Healing (Hosea 6:1)



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