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The confusions (Foolishness) among the people of this world are mixed and stirred by the ways of the unrighteous. However those that know Good must bear witness to Truth. Thus, our work will be done. But we also desire the Joy of seeing the conversion to what is Good and the disdain of what is evil and not good.

Peace and Love,

Carl Patton writing for the FreedomJournal March 29, 2002 in the year of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We thank Almighty Jehovah God for His son our Savior Jesus Christ. We also thank God that through His son we received the Holy Spirit.



In the name of Jehovah God, Master of the universe, Ruler of the earth.

One of the greatest dilemmas for the patient who is a believer are decisions regarding treatment or non-treatment based on faith. Thus believers are cautious as they approach any medical decision that may conflict with their faith. However, all cases regarding faith or treatment are unique.

God does not bless all of His flock the same. Therefore the Holy Spirit is not something that can be predicted or foretold. Logically if one is a believer and placed in a position to decide to receive or deny treatment especially in the case of terminal disease he must understand faith.

Faith and patience are the hallmarks of Christian responsibility and growth. Thus, faith and patience should be a consistent prayer of the faithful. ďAnd the Apostles said unto the Lord, Increase our faith." (Luke 7:5). It is also a measure of faith to pray to God for our faith to grow.

Understanding faith is further seen in Matthew 17:20, Matthew 13: 31-32, Hebrews 11: 1-40, Romans Chapter 1-10. The revelations in these scriptures and others will give those that are physically and spiritually sick strength to endure. Always remember that God is the Creator the author and the finisher.

We also bear witness that there is reverence and holiness in all that believe in one God. Regardless of what you call God there is only one God. For the record and for our mission of Truth God is not Black, White or Chinese, God is God and to be duped into ethnic labeling of God is blasphemy.

We bear witness that many people have come to exploit and profit from God and His Word. However the wise among us will not bow to Satan who preaches racism, hate and ethnic cleansing. God has no part in evil, corruption and discrimination.

Hatred for other people and other religions is not the way of the truly faithful. One has to have the right attitude to receive healing. You cannot receive healing full of hate.

Believers realize that all must leave this world. Believers also realize that as they go through this world they must bear witness to Truth. The Truth of God will allow the patient and doctor to have a responsible discussion on a treatment plan. Believers should know when they are being called home. Here faith and trust in the guiding arm of the Holy Spirit is of vital importance during times of critical medical decisions.

Again we refer to Dr. Dennis J. Doherty, "When Religion and Medicine Clash. How Care- Givers Might Respond." Dr. Doherty makes an important contribution to this discussion with his notes on guilt and hope.

Often feelings of guilt do not pertain to religious beliefs. Sometimes patients believe that they are being punished for sin when they are ill. Some people also believe that God will be displeased if every treatment modality is not used. Others believe that God requires us to do nothing as He works His plan. Finally many patients believe that medical intervention is a hindrance to Godís will.

A response to the following statement is gained in the following. Patience and Faith will allow the patient to accept treatment in many cases. Thus, in many situations treatment plans are ordained by God. For God allows man to discover and identify cures for illness and disease.

Dr. Doherty argues: " Care-Givers can also explain, when treatment is being refused, that human beings are instruments in the divine plan and medical personnel are cooperating with God in preserving or embracing the precious gift of life."

There is always hope for the believers. "Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen." Let it be written that the believer is aware that God through Jesus Christ is in the healing business. Thus there are instances when people are miraculously cured during these times and last days.

Believers believe in prayer. The prayers of the righteous avileth much. However God answers prayer in His time and in His way. One of the greatest challenges is how the medical community views the miraculous. Dr. Doherty notes: "The usually religious understanding of a miracle cure implies divine intervention, a suspension of the laws of physical nature."

However care-givers that don't know God view the miraculous as far-fetched and something they cannot comprehend. But the righteous know that faith is often unseen but you can eventually see the way of the wind.

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