(18 March 2008 by Carl A. Patton)


Does God define liberal as those that

give with an abundance? However is the liberal not

narrow in opinion and tolerant? Just what

is tolerance? Is tolerance based on liberalism?


Is liberalism a philosophy that penetrates

politics, economics and the sociological and

physiological conditions of humankind?


Is God then a conservative who is not liberal?

How can God be not willing to give His all

to the betterment of humankind? Thus God

could never be frugal and not liberal at the

table of chateaubriand, fat back and smoked

neck bones.


These were the last days that moved in time.

This movement was seen and not seen.

Meanwhile I saw many that are called liberals

taking on some thingís left over from the days

of the Voting Rights Act, Jim Crow and Black

Crows that flew over contemporary White cotton fields.


These same people once knew and were moved

by morals striving to be free of discrimination.

Many that claimed a calling for God also led many

campaigns and were the field generals and paymasters.


However the Black Experience continues to evolve.

New social, economic and political issues came to

fruition. Morals, Godís Laws, and basic human

decency got struck down by a reverse sense of

logic that left God and embraced the many gods

of sand filled fields burning with the confusion of

Satan and Hell.


Just how can you relate and involve a quest for

human rights in things that God frowns upon? The

Preachers ran over the liberal river as its banks

over-flowed. As the water ran over the banks,

and money houses they said nothing.


Well how can you speak for God and not speak

about the violations of Godís Laws? What is

liberal in sacrilege, transgressions and impurity?


God looks upon this scene and said where

have all the Prophets gone? Who can take my ways

and hide them in Satan?


John looked standing beside the eyes of God.

What did he see?




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