Will The Belief In God Save The World?

In the name of God, Master of the Universe, Ruler of Earth.

We thank God the Creator of life. We declare that there is only one God and to this God we humble ourselves. We bear witness that happiness can be obtained with money and material possessions. But we also firmly declare that Joy which is everlasting is seen in the knowledge of Almighty God. The FreedomJournal has a burning desire for everlasting Joy and not a fleeting moment of happiness that can be lost in a wind storm. Thus, happiness that comes from the worldly pursuits of life are very minor in the life of the believers.

It is no doubt that the world needs to be saved. Once again as we speak to the power that rests rules and abides in the knowledge of God we petition the believers. No distinction is made in regard to religion, thus you can be Christian, Jewish, Muslim, or you can embrace the ancient religions of Africa. We also are not showing any disrespect to other religions of the world. Therefore we are speaking to all religions that believe in monotheism, which is the belief in one God.

Therefore we proclaim the utility of all religions that believe in one God. The table of unity is open to all. All believers must, and can come, because if you believe in God you will leave the baggage of the world behind. Thus, you will come with an open mind, a clear conscience and a clean heart. This can come to past in our life time. Will the people of the world bring this act of faith to a reality?

The belief in God and/or a Supreme Power has been upon the minds of man since the dawn of history. As the people in "The Land of the Blacks," "The Land of Burnt Faces," established the first religion known to man, Judaism, Christianity and Islam are indebted to their divine knowledge of God. Therefore, the cradle of civilization "The Land of the Blacks” came to be the forerunner in almost every aspect of life that has impacted on the world. Chancellor Williams ("The Destruction of Black Civilization") places the impact of African religions on the developing world quite succinctly in the following statement.

"The ancient religion that gave birth to science and leaning, art engineering, architecture, the resource for a national economy and political control, that same religion was the mother of history, writing, music, the healing art, the song and the dance."

We conclude therefore that religion has had a long history in the development of knowledge and wisdom. There is also another very important element in this three pronged equation and that is Truth. Truth is an extension of God. Thus, God is Truth. If God is Truth, then to obtain the most

Truth or the real Truth one most know God? The ancient philosophers knew God. Coming up out of the belly of the people from "The Land of the Blacks" was the belief in one God. This belief was then passed down to the Hebrew people the Greeks and the Romans.

The record shows that many of the early Greek philosophers were trained in Africa. "Generally speaking, the Egyptian arts and sciences influenced the development of the Greek arts and sciences. Many of the well-known Greek philosophers and scientists went to Egypt to be educated and transported their acquired knowledge upon returning to Greece." (See the research of Ivan Van Sertima and others in the "Journal of African Civilizations." Also see Cheikh Diop, "The African Origin of Civilization.” The record also shows that most of these great thinkers knew that God is the key element in Truth. The Truth of God begets knowledge and knowledge begets wisdom. "Just what are you saying FreedomJournal?" Are you saying that one can only gain Truth with the knowledge of God? Are you saying that those that do not know God, no matter what credentials they have, are lacking in knowledge and Truth?

If it is a plus to know God, then God must have great power. Will this power save the world? Can man become impacted by this power? The record shows extraordinary growth in intellectual thought since the dawn of history and the impact of the ancient philosophers. We believe (The Think Tank of the FreedomJournal) that God was not ready for the world to be exposed to certain knowledge three thousand years ago. This is why this moment in time (1999) is so important.

The world is embarking on the threshold of new knowledge not so much in technology but in man's ability to think with clear logic. This clear logic has been upon us for more than three thousand years. The great philosophers knew of this new thinking but the world (the time) was not prepared. The FreedomJournal will bring this logic of thought to our readers in a forthcoming book. We will also offer a clear formula for the on-going conspiracy between Black leadership and racism. The year 2000 will also bring to the table of unity the mathematical exactness of Social Science.

We see these principles as reality and not theories. This reality cannot be realized by the non- believers. Thus, we would be remiss if we did not mention the so-called agnostics and atheists. Agnostics are vividly seen in the pure scientists. In this case the pure scientists believe that nothing can be known or known about the existence of God because it is outside the human experience. Logically then those that accept these beliefs also are atheists who believe that there is no God.

I heard a preacher say that "there are no true atheists." In the time of great trouble, the time of no return, the human being will call on somebody. The human being also realizes that if he falls from an airplane "Mr. Gilmore (Gilmoe)," nor no other human being can render help. Thus, is it fixed in the minds of all humankind that God has all power? Because, God is, who, the so-called atheist or agnostic will call on. You may not hear him nor will he always speak aloud. Meanwhile this so-called atheist will call on something and that something is God.

So as we meet the common ground of all believers will we call on God? Will we defeat Satan and those who wish to destroy man and the world? Will we come together to save the world?

I hear the roar of the Supreme Power of the Thunder in the sky. I feel the falling rain. Where did it come from? Can you buy rain or sunshine from a rich man that walks or crawls the planet earth?

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