In the name of God, Master of the universe, Ruler of the earth.

We bear witness that there is only One God, and this is the God we serve. We are also certain that God is within us and all around us. We hear and speak to God; He is the source of Truth and our strength.

Thus, we declare that Almighty God has all power. Therefore, man can neither harness nor control the Supreme Power of God. We bear witness that God created all that walk and crawl the planet earth. We also believe that God is the originator of Truth, knowledge and wisdom.

Once again the world is influenced by the wickedness of Satan who seeks to destroy families, schools, places of worship and man's belief and faith in the Creator. The messages of destruction ingrained in Y2K are yet another smoke-screen by Satan to destroy man and the world.

The FreedomJournal declares to the world: Man need not worry about Y2K and the so-called failure of modern technology. What man needs to be concerned about is his submission to God. Thus, knowledge of God will take care of Y2K. Therefore lack of knowledge of God can and maybe a catastrophe. This lack of knowledge will cause man to give great priority to so-called technological mal-functions. Machines are things that cannot think. Meanwhile, the soul of man will be affected by Y2K and so will the quality of his existence on earth if he does not come to know God.

It is for sure that God has all power. Does it make sense then to trust in God as we approach the year 2000? Once again we are pleading to the Believers. We also petition the non-believers to come to know God if they want peace and not the worry of something that they cannot control. Thus if there is a breakdown in technology throughout the world it will be rendered by a power that man cannot harness. Have you ever witnessed a severe wind storm? Have you seen and felt the power of the mighty Hurricane, the blazing speed of the winds of the Great Tornado? Did you believe the storms you have witnessed came from the Shopping Mall or some large corporation? I don't think so. Man is rendered helpless in the storm. Let it be written that he can prepare for the storm but he has no power to control the storm.

Therefore, your preparation for Y2K should not be one of gathering water and food. Your preparation should be a Spiritual awakening to the ultimate power of God. This insurance is free and open to all of humankind. Will you take this freedom, which is God's insurance from the worry of the unknown?

Beware, those that have been under the Word. Satan is riding high. He has the world in an uproar about the marching of time. As he comes to destroy the faith of God's people he sends up various smoke-screens. What is the illusion of man's failure to combat Y2K? Does man have the power to change the seasons? Does man have the power to change the days of the week? Can man change the hour or the minutes of the day? Man has very little control over life, except that what is granted to him by God. Therefore, man has no control over Y2K, but he can prepare his heart, mind and soul. Will man make the proper preparation? Also will man (You) make the proper choice between good and evil?

Who has created and given birth to the technology of the world? If man was solely responsible for the knowledge and wisdom that propel the world he could control the events of history and the passing of time. The days of time are controlled by the Creator. Thus, the change to the year 2000 is in the Mighty hands of our Maker.

The Creator of all life, places and things moves in ways that man cannot comprehend. God actually even speaks through the enemies of man. As Satan and his supporters attempt to cause chaos and confusion throughout the world God is speaking to all of mankind. God is saying Loud and Clear that He is, the first and the last, the beginning and the end, and He has all power.

God controls the earth and its technology. Thus man must come to realize that God is in charge. Will you come to know God? Will you come to establish a personal relationship with God? Will you come to realize that only God can bring you safely through the storm?

Will those that do not believe be doomed? There are some people on the planet earth that believe that the approaching new century will mark the end of the world. The Word of God tells us that man cannot predict and fore tell the coming of the Lord and/or the end or destruction of the world. I hear the song writer saying with confidence: “when I woke up this morning, I didn't have any doubt”. The Believers are prepared to meet the will of God whenever it comes. This is a journey where you don't need to pack a suitcase. Just pack your heart, mind and soul. Therefore you will travel light in baggage but you will be heavy in the soul.

There is Joy in recording these last words, because the Home Going will be filled with Joy and Peace. We bear witness that we want all people to feel this Joy and have a Joyful Home Going whenever it occurs. The knowledge of having your heart and your soul packed for Paradise comes with a price.

Will you humble yourself before God? Will man stop being so arrogant and egoistical with his claims of so-called power and influence? God seeks the glory for the Creation of the technology of the world. God is also the Creator of the year 2000. Therefore, God is in control of the world and all of its technology.

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