In the name of God, Master of the universe, Ruler of the earth.

We come reaping praises and glory upon the one and only God. We petition all of mankind to respect the devout and sincere beliefs of their fellow man in regard to religion? Unity among those that walk the planet earth can be achieved through a common denominator. Thus Unity within a community that has been dispersed throughout the world and used as an economic tool can achieve the essence of brotherhood and sisterhood with the realization that God rules this world and all worlds and places beyond our comprehension.

As we continue to count down to the New Millennium, The FreedomJournal has been called to continue our mission of Truth. We also know that faith is ingrained in our mission of Truth. Thus, faith in the Truth of Almighty God will render you wisdom and knowledge. We realize that man basically has two choices in the world today. These choices are between good and evil, between God and Satan.

As we continue our mission of Truth, The FreedomJournal will outline the basic framework of analysis and/or discussion for problems and ills of society. Therefore, in the Year 2000 we will embark on a higher level of documenting the Truth of mankind. Thus we will point out that the problems of man are not a complex set of circumstances. We will therefore offer a different viewpoint that contradicts the thinkers and social analysts who we believe project false assumptions about the hopelessness of man's problems.

The problems of the world reside in the two choices of man. Therefore the problems that are noted in the three basic institutions of the world: the home, the school and the church can be remedied by choosing God rather than Satan. There is also a fourth basic institution; this institution is found in the environment and/or the society in which we live. Once again the ills of society can come to a positive conclusion with the proper choice.

The believers know that God is Supreme. They put their trust and faith in God. They know that man who attempts to please man before he pleases, God is a fool. Man the preacher, the teacher, the boss, the uncle, sister; brother etc. cannot get you into the kingdom. Man cannot render you the power to overcome evil. Thus the real believers place their trust in the Winner and not the Loser.

Meanwhile we see the mis-educated, duped, conned, manipulated, brainwashed, dumb, stupid and blind lost souls that walk and crawl the planet earth following the Big-Time Loser, Satan. It is for sure that Satan is a liar. But many people have been tricked by Satan and don't want to know what is right. These people want to do wrong. Thus, they are convinced that God does not exist and God has no power. I hear man testify to the smell, sight and sound of the burning earth high on the mountain top. This burning in the sky is called the eruption of the earth (dirt) in the sky. Will the birds sing at the command of man? Will the snow fall in summer? Will the rain clouds form in a clear blue sky? How and why does God have this power?

In the meantime Satan, who has no power as compared to God, presents a full plate of evil. We often see evil presented as good and what man should strive to obtain while he is on the planet earth. Thus many of these non-believes equate Heaven and Peace and Paradise with the acquisition of material possessions. Many of the material possessions are also associated with vice and crime that often bring these lost souls happiness. Will man sing a sad song for the lost souls that cannot distinguish between happiness and Joy?

Happiness can come from the evil of Satan and last for a fleeting moment, a few breaths of time. But the Joy that comes from the knowledge and belief in God is everlasting. This Joy will last as long as the rivers flow, as long as you see the sky, as long as morning comes to bring the beginning and the end. The logic of The FreedomJournal reveals that we will choose the Joy of God. We also declare that Joy should be the choice of all of mankind that wishes Peace and Paradise. See There Is Joy In The Rejection of Truth

The record shows that the evils of the world continue to attract the lost souls of the earth. As Satan manipulates these lost souls to destroy themselves, he also creates evil within them to attack his enemies. Yes, Satan's enemies and not your enemy. Man has no enemy except Satan. Thus Satan sends out his blind soldiers to attack the Truth-Seekers who are the people of God.

It is our testimony that Satan will never be able to destroy the people of God. For the record regardless as to power that is defined by man, the believers are all powerful. Therefore as long as man keeps his eyes on God and keeps God first he is invincible with regard to the evil forces of Satanís agents of destruction.

Let it be written that the futile attempts by the wicked followers of Satan to destroy the Truth of The FreedomJournal will bring them to the brink of destruction. Satan has no loyalty to anybody. His mission is to seek and destroy, that means everybody and everything that he comes in contact with. Therefore the fools that follow Satan and attempt to destroy the people of God are only destroying themselves.

Often the Truth-Seeker will receive a setback. We declare that the battle and/or War is never lost as long as we keep God first. God will forever forgive you if you repent. The Devil will forsake you. Who, What, Whom will the sane man choose?

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