In the name of God, Master of the universe, Ruler of the earth.

We greet you in the essence of Peace and Paradise. We bear witness that Almighty God the Creator of all that walk and crawl the planet earth has all power.

The FreedomJournal has been called as a messenger of Truth. We come seeking the ears, eyes, hearts and minds of the Believers of the Supreme Power of Almighty God. We come also proclaiming that those that have been taught to curse Unity will come to curse Disunity. This can come to past for those that know God. It is for sure that the Creator smiles on those that will not allow minor differences of opinions to keep them away from the Universal Table of Unity.

The world has been proclaimed a place of wickedness by the word of God. In this place the true believers are not at home. Thus our life here is merely a way station as a preparation for the transition that will take place for those written in the "Lambs Book of Life."

Let it be written that there is more than one path to God. If you truly believe in your way as the straightway, let it be known to all, as we all serve the One and Only God. Whatever name given to God, God is the Supreme Power that rests rules and abides over all that exists and all that has existed. However the way to the Father is through Christ.

As the days draw near the great milestone of another century and the move to another millennium approaches. In these last days of this century we will note messages that speak directly to the Power, Truth wisdom and knowledge of God our Father. We are thankful for life. What will be the will of God in the year 2000? If we are to receive blessings from God, we must not allow Satan and his supporters to destroy the established religions of the world.

The conflict among the people of God must come to an end. If not the earth will surely be destroyed by the evil of man and not God. Will men ever come to respect the beliefs of other men? Is it honorable to respect the faith of another if he is sincere and not an idol worshiper? No one has an exclusive hold on wickedness. Thus, Black people, White people, Jews, and Asians are not the only wicked people on the planet earth. Wickedness has no respect of race, creed, color or national origin.

For the Record and for your CD player (to get your attention) there are wicked low-down Christians, mean spiteful Jews, no-account Muslims and racism among the followers of African Traditional Religions. Thus, no religion is free of problems and wickedness. Nor is any race of people free of wickedness. The world of wickedness and corruption is not inherent in the God inspired religions of the world. Once again let it be written: corruption and wickedness within the religions of the world come from man and not God. God is angry at man for defiling the name of God through Christianity, Judaism, Islam and African Traditional religions.

The Christians have taken the Bible and tainted the world of God to fulfill greed that has caused economic exploitation of African people throughout the world. Meanwhile these same people have told hell-bent lies that have alluded to a White God who of course favors White people and this same God has ordained the enslavement of Black people.

Jews meanwhile hold fast to the Old Testament testimony of Jews as the chosen people of God. As they deny and claim kinship to Blacks when convenient they refuse to accept the reality that most Blacks realize the exploitative interest they have historically had in the Black community.

Islam has had a particular history in the United States. In so doing the most dynamic Islamic force in America has clashed with many of the orthodox principles of Islam born in the Arabic states. Hence our statements on Islam will include all that embrace Islam and follow the Koran. If Allah is the God of Islam and no other is raised before Allah there should be some common ground. The history of America has produced a climate for Black Nationalism. Thus the principles of Black Nationalism have had a great impact among many of the ancestors of the people captured from "The Land of the Blacks." Therefore any religion that the Black man and woman embraces in America should also include Black Nationalism. Most likely much of the confusion within the Black Christian Church is the absence of Black Nationalism except for a small segment outside the established Christian church.

We thank God and we owe a debt of gratitude to our ancestors for passing down knowledge to our brethren who follow the original religions of our ancestors. Let not though, the anger toward those that have oppressed our people cause you to despise and hate everything that was not created by Black people. Let not, a narrow vision of the world degrade and tarnish your knowledge of the past and the contributions of other people.

It is for sure that Almighty God will punish those that have defiled the religions of the world. It is also for certain that God fearing people can come to combat the wickedness of the world. Meanwhile, those that defile the churches, the synagogues, the mosques and the places of worship of African religions turn the non-believers away from God.

Let it be written all that have been under the banner of religion are not Believers. Thus, the racist Christians who believe in a slave time religion and the Slave Ship Jesus are doomed. The Boot- Leg, Boot-Licking Black Preacher who runs a confidence game in the church, your days are also limited. We would be remiss if we did not speak on the Contemporary Con Artists in the Church. The new school of thought is the so-called Prosperity Ministries. The House of God is not a place for you to become rich. The word of God is not about material riches. Thus, blessings of material wealth are very minor in the Word of God. Any preacher that claims to be able to teach you how to amass wealth is the Devil in disguise. He will also be punished and so will you if you follow this fool. The reverence of God is not noted in how much wealth a preacher has.

As the people called Hebrews fled Egypt, they took with them the knowledge to establish Judaism. Judaism is to be respected like any other religion that has the belief in one God. But Judaism and Jews note a religion and not a race of people. Thus, all people of Hebrew ethnic origins are not religious and/or embrace Judaism. Devout submission to Judaism or any other religion carries the love of God and love for your fellow man.

We declare that our days are limited on the planet earth. Thus we bear witness that whatever time spent here is limited compared to the afterlife of the Believers. God will surely punish those that have defiled the places of worship throughout this land. Let it be written that those that use religion as a way to profit will be not go unpunished. God is first; you cannot put material wealth before God.

The Power of God is real. It can be seen every day. I have seen it in the Rainbow.


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