(A letter to one of our beloved Brothers in service to Christ)



Peace be unto you. I commend you for your patience. I pray that you will continue to stay in faith and patience. First of all I am so adamant about Offerings because so many people believe that by Tithing they will receive a blessing from God. However the Bible reveals that this practice is an affront to God. Furthermore you deny Christ and the resurrection when you practice Tithing. You may give but it is a Free-Will Offering from your heart. God has not assigned any certain amount of money for anybody to give during these times. However if you desire and are able to give 50% of your salary so be it. Rest assured my Brother that the greatest blessing from God is living out Love. Man in his worldly wisdom sees the greatest joy, benefits etc. in money. God wants your heart. Can you see this? Where is it found in the Bible that the more money you give the right you are with God? To get to Peace and Paradise the heart has to be right not the pocketbook. Can you see this?




Therefore I am disturbed to see so many people Hell bound. I have a responsibility to try to help those that will see and hear.


With that said I earnestly plead with you to read the information I have posted on what the Bible says about Giving, Money and Prosperity. Also closely read the on-going Epistles on Tithing where I note what the Bible says about this subject. My beloved Brother you must be careful to not continue to follow what man says about this subject instead of what the Bible reveals.


Also we note that most if not all of the scripture that the preachers (people that have taught you these untruths) render about sowing has nothing to do with money. Study your Bible. For example the scripture you have noted taken from Luke 6: 38. This scripture is not about money it is about produce. Here the Lord notes figurative language and refers to an act of crowding out unnecessary space in measuring produce.


We have no problem with Offerings in the Church. In fact this is an obligation for all believers. However when you say God commands something he does not say, this is a serious crime. If you will read the information I noted you will see in the Bible where God has not done this at this time. This was during the Old Law. Those that practice this aspect of the Old Law deny Christ.


Can you be saved without Christ? No. So this is a very serious question. It merits your closer look at what we reveal from the Bible. I know this is hard to do sometimes when you have heard something all of your life. However my brother it is not true.


The mission of the FreedomJournal/Psyche Z Publishing is to try to expose the many lies in the church this is one of them. Donít resist Truth. Read for yourself. TITHING IS NOT BIBLE. WE GO BY THE BIBLE. However those that come to get rich tell lies inside and outside the Church.



Brother Carl, writing for the FreedomJournal 14 December 2005 in the year of our Lord and Savior who came and died and removed the need to offer Tithes and animal scarifies to atone for the sins of humankind.







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