I came to Atlanta, Georgia, Lovely Atlanta, now known as ATL to study Political Science on the Doctoral level at a local University. So I lived in Atlanta from 1980-1997, with some travel in between. This poem was written during the time of the historic Olympic Games held in Atlanta in 1996. I try to give the reader a chronological history of Georgia and Atlanta.









Georgia! Oh sweet Georgia on my mind, fittingly so because Georgia has

contributed so much to mankind.


The early rush saw George become Georgia, when the distinct

Georgia pine engulfed the state in a wild valley that is a beautiful

Pine Forest.


Georgia! Oh sweet Georgia, a land possessed of mountain extremes

and the swamps of the southern paradise.


A land of promise that hails the greatest city of the southland that rose

up from AGone With The Wind,@ to international commerce and world-wide notoriety


Georgia! Oh sweet Georgia, that was the historic home of the Cherokee and

Creek who saw a trail filled with tears of sweat and blood as they marched to the plains

and along the way lost many brethren to pain.


Then came the smoke and fire, stained by Sherman=s march into the eye,

with destruction, fire and death a part of Sherman=s humble desire.


This path of fire, smoke and death was the blazing trail of the hate called the

“The Vale of Tears@ that the borrowed sons and daughters faced as now

the rope of fire.


Ropes that still burn their souls in the pre-after of life as the struggle

that has an eye on freedom still looks to the horizon.


Georgia! Oh sweet Georgia that first took a serious look at international

claim as a center of the move for human rights that some call the Civil Rights

of man.


If not the land of the birth of Civil Rights as a movement of peace,

so it is the land of the cradle of the movement, and a dream city for

many Black Americans.


The Mecca of Black dreams, the thoughts, the reality of success and

Prosperity. A place of Black thinkers in a place that challenge

 peace and prosperity.


Georgia! Oh sweet Georgia who hailed a peanut man to the Governors=s

House and to the White House.


A place where in Atlanta with its= gardens green and with global dreams

it established mayors of progress.


Georgia! Oh sweet Georgia with Atlanta at the helm laid the

claim to Olympic dreams to the world=s delight.


Georgia! Oh sweet Georgia will forever be growth and

progress and world-wide fame.


Here rises the peanut, the peach the tall Georgia Pine, red clay Hills,

the spring water of Mountain fresh air, the elusive alligators and the swamp rats.


Tis now a cosmopolitan town, now of international acclaim, that sports dance halls

of pleasure, dens of fun a paradise of lust.


Georgia! Oh sweet Georgia, a gathering of greatness, Georgia sunshine,

Georgia rain, Georgia wind, Gods Creation is the fame.






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