I heard a man that saw (see): Robert E. Lee, Jefferson Davis, Nathan Bedford Forrest and Judah P. Benjamin as great Heroes. Within the hearts and minds of many of these people is also the love for Adolf Hitler.

We also hear a man that ascribes Hero status to the leaders of Slave Rebellions: Hence came Denmark Vesey, Nat Turner, and Gabriel Prosser. There are also Heroes called Cinque, Kunta Kinte and those who gave up the breath of life for their brothers and sisters.

Are there contradictions in Heroes of the oppressors? Then are there any contradictions in the Heroes of the oppressed? Is there a respect for the Heroes of those who committed crimes against humanity? For the record crime is in the eye of the beholder. Thus, Aggression is often described as progress and needed for society to grow and develop.

Meanwhile who will respect the Heroes who stood in opposition of the denial of Human Rights? Can all people have Heroes? Also can someone outside your community assign Hero status to your people? Can someone that has given over his mind, body and soul to evil and that which is not good identify Heroes for the Black community? Can a collaborator be a Hero? Thus, Traitors are not Heroes.

Do we respect why the European has Heroes? Are his Heroes our Heroes? Are our Heroes his Heroes? Thus do we all have Heroes? Here the right to choose is not against the laws of God or man. Will the Europeans realize Black people also have chosen Heroes? I can feel the southern bliss for Confederate Heroes although they were not for the best interest of my people. You may feel the same about Nat Turner.

Peace and Paradise,

Carl Patton, FreedomJournal