The future is time to come; time to be,

the events of the future; what is to come and what will be.

The future life is life after death.

The future has not happened is something we don't know.


The importance of the unknown is worthy.

Is something we don't know about important?

Life is not stagnant,

we are constantly moving into the future.


What of knowledge about tomorrow?

Will the future bring destruction and pain?

Will it bring Peace and Paradise?

Will it render a combination of peace and pain?


Can man have more peace than pain?

Many dream, dreams of utopia.

Can man in this life find personal Peace and Paradise?

Has the world and a wretched society taken its toll?


Is there any personal satisfaction in some control

over your future? Why is the future important?

The future is a tool toward inquiry,

humankind longs to understand.


Some also seek a high level of knowledge.

Yet, knowledge of the future is seldom seen.

Champions prophesy and more truth

is seen by the righteous.


Future nonetheless without knowledge of the past

and present is meaningless. The uninformed even attack

the need for knowledge of the past to determine the present.

There are sad verses among the ignorant that flirt with stupidity.



Is tomorrow far fetched and never realized now?

Where has the scientific inquiry gone?

Who will help us look into the window of the future

to see tomorrow?



I cherish the burning desire to gain the true essence of knowledge.

For this reality one must include the past, present and future.




With each breath man moves into the future.

The inquiry of the scientist is not fortune telling and psychic predictions.


There is no guessing game. The future is difficult to know.

Man still seeks to conquer the knowledge about the past.

Man also has great difficulty defining the present.

Hence man has even less insight on what lies in the future.


For tomorrow one must move to another level,

a higher level toward a philosophy of inquiry.

I looked out the picture window of tomorrow and

saw a new way of thinking. Thus to see what the future will be.


Why is the future related to many facets of life?

So many civilizations so varied and complex.

In the window glass I saw them separately

but never in isolation from other facets of society.


Men of thought saw the love affair of concerns

that challenge society.  This is often seen as

the true way toward the future.

Out the window was the highest degree of knowledge and understanding.


The righteous saw specifics and concerns.

They also saw the essence of time, place and condition.

That time, a breath away from the future is the present.

And the future knows no time because it does not exist, or does it?


Considerations to present time and condition.

How does it challenge the past?

Will the past, present (time), conditions follow a sequential order?

Will this afford the look to the future?


It is written on the great looking glass,

the mirror of life that humankind will be humbled.

Humankind will be humbled to the fate of destruction

by man in his haste to develop civilization.


Some are destined on earth to be humble.

While many will forsake the move to humanity

and Peace and Paradise for all people?

The inevitable future is the great terminator.


The future also brings death, a destiny met by all that live.

The uncertain time of inevitable death

does not mean that every aspect of the future is uncertain,

unexplained and lost to fortune telling.





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