(Carl A. Patton, 17 June 2009)


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Greetings Brethren,


In the name of God, Master of the Universe, Ruler of the earth


Peace be unto you. To the Church and believing Christians everywhere. To those that believe in the Bible as the supreme authority that governs all of humankind. In this we give thanks to God the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit that leads and guides us the straightway.


Brethren there is no way for those called to His service as Spiritual Scientists (T=ss≤) to see what they want to see. Is that tree is that person is that action that is seen and not seen actually real? Can I see through to the heart? What fruit does the tree or man bear? I listened to what was said and I watched from the Watch Tower what they did.


Meanwhile I embraced a love for Jesus the Christ and Christianity. The Bible told me so and I believe in the Bible. What do you believe in? Many believe in weather men of the flesh. Some also believe in fortune hunters and things that are left to chance. I believe so much in man as he is human and awarded human failures. Thus no matter how responsible and trustworthy there is a limited trust found among those that are human.


However I visited with John and was reassured as we lifted Him up that Jesus was always ready and dependable. So was God His Father as He created us all and all that came this way and went that way and any other way one could possibly go.So what is tolerance and Christianity? As a Christian in tolerance I am patient toward those that have different opinions about all aspects of life. This includes religious pursuits and our mission as Christian soldiers. However there is a different aspect of tolerance toward what Christians describe as sin. Here there is no love. But there is and always will be love and prayer for the sinful.




I know no other way as the Bible spoke. A Spirit

deep inside me in my heart and bones spoke out

out. I could feel the zeal of Paul as he worked for

the Lord. A thorn pierced my side as I felt the test

of faith and patience time and time again.


Prayer heard my call as I would most likely be standing

in the world without the trouble that pierced me not

so deep but kept me on my knees. But what is this to

do with love and tolerance? This love I have comes not

looking to devour all things material.


This love comes not as fortune seekers or as a company

keeper with the lost that are popular, famous or rich. It also

does not bow down to anyone as God is who we come to

please as man often looks on in amazement as we turn down

gold, silver and the pride that comes with the flesh.


Meanwhile those that are lost and find us lost in poverty

believe tolerance can be defined without God. We fight

then not with any manner of swords of steel as we see

Jesus in the Word. We also come testifying that love will

conquer hate in a soft melodious sweet but firm voice.


Patience and Faith we proclaim as we render a message of

love that is often confused with hate, confusion and things

not of God. However we remind the brethren you cannot

make or invent your own God.You also cannot allow custom

tradition and human nature and the foul energies of man to rule.


We also remind you that there were no popular are well paid

Prophets or Apostles. Those that come without a sacrifice are

not on the right road. We thus relish not in our misfortune

as what seems to be adversity to the lost is a blessing to

the Godly.But rest assured we say not that poverty is the,


Greatest blessing. However many that are really thankful for a

piece of bread have a sincerity that is heard by God. There is no

love in hate. There is also no tolerance without love. Blessed is

the remnant that only God knows about. We see in our hearts as

we know many will be saved and many more will perish.


Peace and Golden Paradise, Carl A. Patton a willing slave and servant of Almighty God and Christ Jesus writing for the FreedomJournal Press a God Fearing Free Press 18 June 2009 in the year of our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus.


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