There was once a time among a creative

people that the arts among Black folk

became revived, enlightened and brought

back to life.


Just where had the Arts of Black folk been?


Although these were hard times, they

were also golden days of the 1920’s.

Jazz and blues made its way from

New Orleans and the Mississippi

Delta to Chicago and on to New York.


Why had Jazz and Blues come up the Mississippi River from the South?

Where did the poets come from?


Harlem was the resting place for many

souls of Black folk. At this place their numbers

were unrivaled.  Here Duke of Ellington

swung at the Cotton Club for many outsiders.


Was creativity ever stifled due to Jim who was also Crow?


Meanwhile the creative juices flowed

like the days of milk and honey. Here the

poets and writers also cried out with pencils

and mighty pens. Many thoughts about Blackness ensued.


Is it the creative artist’s role and responsibility to record and critique the landscape?


We salute but the world honors and pays

tribute to Langston whose last name

was Hughes, Cullen whose first name

was Countee and the wayward Black

Parisian McKay who some called Claude.




Was peace found in artistic expression in a foreign land?


There were also many that left

The land of two ropes. For one took

life and one stifles intellectual growth.

Thus then came Baldwin, James, Ellison,

Ralph and Richard Wright.


Who can name the scholars of a people with no knowledge?


There were also great scholars and activists

and those that made more people mad

than glad. But they also revived our lost

art form


Knowledge to some was mis-information to others.


Carter G. Woodson, Oh! How he sought

to re-educate the mis-educated Negro. He also

established the need to study Black history as

we see Black daily. But the Negro still seeks

a yearly celebration in February.


There will always be a Judas branch. Will they get paid?


Eventually one of our greatest scholars came upon the scene

who stood in the shadows of no man in W.E. B.

DuBois. A man of many letters he once held a

Civil Rights Organization in principles and intellect

and in the stead of all Black folk and not just a few.

These were the days when Blacks had some power even

though the power lost is not power gained.


There is power in control and useless energy in deceit.


Did this legendary scholar come in conflict with

a man of manual skills that wanted to teach

all of our people only one way to pull the Black

man and woman up by its torn boot straps?


The philanthropists bowed and scratched the head of the Judas branch.


Just why was the man of “fetch-it” fame important?

Was Marcus who came from the Islands also important?



As DuBois sought to analyze the Black experience so did

Garvey. Was race pride the time of being rebuked and scorned?

As Garvey shook up America with Black pride did this cause his demise?


Would the returning ships hold all Black folk?


Meanwhile during those days the left

seemed to be right. And many fled to the Left

Bank of Paris. Is the Left the same now as it

Was then?


Where have all the Liberals gone? Have liberal thoughts made an acid transition to all things immoral?


Regretfully those that only glimpsed Jesus saw little

during their day. So they never realized that Jesus

who brought these wretched souls to the brink

of the Renaissance was the Light. But they saw nothing.


Glory to God now for the Spiritual Messenger.


Many days have now passed and

we have soaked up the messages

the Renaissance men inspired.

However New thought and Old now comes among

those who are inspired.


The way to Peace and great inspiration is neither left nor right.


Now Paris does not support a

Right Bank as the Left Bank

has gone evil, full of transgressions

and stagnant in things unbecoming of the Law.


The City of Lights is dark if we cannot see the Light.


Those that see Jesus have no

love nor any place among the

lost to seek refuge. So went

the pens of Peace, Jazz and Blues.


Kill all the writer’s of Truth and bury Voltaire as he did not know God.





                                                                           What will the world have

thought of a Renaissance of

Harlem had it been about Truth?


Truth is often seen and heard however the paymaster is silent unless you see and feel the wind.


What Books would have recorded the

message of Good News by so many

writer’s. Where would Black people

be if Truth only came from

intellectual and worldly sentiments

of social problems solved not by

politics or money? Who calls

for the distinction of the world and God?


Love is the rule of those that see into the future as they ride the carpet of the past and present.


Harlem Renaissance not I for I would

be still a castaway. Here our fortunes

are revealed in persecution and a

reward in life everlasting.





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