(12 March 2010)


(The Foolish & The Bible)









In the name of God Master, of the Universe, Ruler of the earth


Editors Note: The sane stand at ease and at attention to the Word of God. Meanwhile those that sit and dwell on opposite poles throw a measure of jest at those that are grounded and rooted in the Lord.


Meanwhile the proud of God and not self feel no pain only sorrow for the lost that think the things of God are fun, games and things that will render comic relief. There are no Comedy Clubs or comedians along the way to Peace and Paradise. Although humor has its place the service time of the saints is serious.


Let no idle laughter cause you grief and ever-lasting harm. Allow the times between crying to be a time of joy as the release of love emotions are fruitful for this journey.



Greetings Brethren,


Peace be unto you. There was once a foolish woman who rendered bad judgment as she built her household as she worked for the welfare of her family. Although she said she loved her children and husband she lacked sound judgment. This eventually proved to be a fault and detrimental to her existence. There was also an upright man like Job that believed and trusted in God. He moved upon the land fearing God in respect and in reverence as he called not one man reverend. However, the perverse man who was stubborn and wayward was different from a lost sinner that was ignorant and weak and had not been under the Word.


We will begin our discussion of scripture at verse 6, Proverbs 14. We also suggest that you read and study all of the verses found here to get a good understanding of another look at those that are foolish.


Proverbs 14: 6 “A scorner seeketh wisdom, and findeth it not: but knowledge is easy unto him that understandeth.”


In the on-going attack on Truth often the foolish will act as if they seek information about those that stand with God. For example those that live a lie daily logically in their twisted minds think that all other people also live lies and lie when they are met with any inquiry. These men and women do not know the Truth if it hit them in the face and mind as their hearts are closed. However, those that understandeth are the intelligent ones. They will benefit from Truth as they use good sense from the heart in applying the information. (Also see Proverbs 9: 7, 8 and 15: 12, 14).


Beloved as the saints go through this land they try to associate with those of faith as they relish testifying about Jesus. This is how one’s salvation is protected. Be not corrupted by foolish and vain conversation of the ungodly and frivolous.


Proverbs 14: 8 “The wisdom of the prudent is to understand his way: but the folly of fools is deceit.”


At Ephesians 5: 15 we see that a prudent man is one that is careful. He knows what is best before he goes his way. He plans and has vision. Do all of those that love God have vision? Do you have to have vision to be able to see the glory of the Creation? Isaiah had visions, can we also have visions as he saw the Lord high and lifted up?  Meanwhile the intelligent man will seek out information regardless of whether he agrees with it or not. Do the foolish only believe things that are true that they believe in? What type of belief system does the foolish have?


Furthermore we see the foolish being afraid to act on the truth for fear it will condemn him. But often these same foolish men know that something is wrong but are afraid to act. He also will not admit error and try to lie and cover up mis-deeds using deceit. (Also see John 3: 19-20).


Proverbs 14: 9-10 “Fools make a mock at sin: but among the righteous there is favour.”


“The heart knoweth his own bitterness; and a stranger doth not intermeddle with his joy.”


Beloved those among us that are intelligent and love the Lord realize that we cannot justify sin thus we do not try. A fool meanwhile may know enough to recognize sin but are so absent from good sense that they resort to mocking as an alibi. For example those that mock you when you mention that you will pray for them. Also those that taunt you with …”Yes I am going to cremate my body,” as a taunt to those that say this is a sin. Those that are righteous among us will also make mistakes however we make amends to God as we go this way in repentance, humility with a humble posture to God who has all power.


Now look with us to the heart. As you know during these times that we liveth the heart is the center of our faith. We do not exist on atoning for sins daily by sacrificial offerings and tithing to a Levitical Priesthood that no longer exists. Jesus came to die for us all and paved the way for the heart to render us through to the end of this race. I can see not the heart of my fellowman however God can. But I can see and feel his actions.  A man knows his own heart he also is aware of his own worries and concerns. Therefore he must bear his burdens alone. He also must be aware to keep outsiders and those lost away from his heart. For example let not lost people corrupted by the world steal your joy.


Now look at verse 14 for more on the heart. “The backslider in heart shall be filled with his own ways: and a good man shall be satisfied from himself.”


Is there a difference in those that backslide in the mind and those that backslide in the heart? Evil and wicked, are the covert ways of the Censors of Truth.  Thus the various covert actions of deceit planned against the FreedomJournal are planned in the heart. Hence those that backslide in the heart dwell on foul and wicked actions as they walk and crawl upon the earth. So goes the heart so goes the feet, the hands and one’s body soul and spirit.


At Galatians 6: 4 Paul teaches that one man will not be blessed because someone else did his duty. We all have the responsibility to work toward our own salvation. We can win the crown of life through faith. Upholding a cadre or fraternity of men before God will not make the grade. Be careful as we sleep and eat that we do not place men over God.


Cont. Part 8: Part 2 Proverbs 14


Peace and Paradise,

Dr. Carl A. Patton writing for the FreedomJournal Press 21 July 2010 in the year of our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus.


All rights reserved by FreedomJournal Press 2010.