(November 1, 2007 by Carl A. Patton)



On this day while

moving to a writing place

along the lake my mind

thought of fear.


However, not fear of man.

But allow me to make a prelude

to this thought. I reflected on

what I see among men

worshipping man.


How strange it was as

this body always thought

this ritual foolish and flirting

with inferiority.


Therefore the Supreme power

struck a chord. The Spirit

then spoke. Surely the

believers will not forsake

God and bow down to man.


Well Brethren why do so many

come in filthy cloths soothsaying

and beholding those that follow

them? Sadly the lost grab hold to

human idols and fall down to man.


Meanwhile the water gently moved

as always upon the lake. Again

I saw peace there.


Once again the birds flew.

The trees stood and watched.

However no man cast the birds

in the great sky,


Nor did any man plant the

trees that stood guard all

over the earth. There was also

no human fountain where

all the waters came.


The thunder and lightning brought

fear too many people. No one

knew where are who made this

sound. It just happened and

scared the lost but

brought fear to the wise.






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