(November 30, 2007 by Carl A. Patton)



Reading, listening and abiding by

the Law I saw the Book so clearly

tell of where our love should be.


Upon the land most loved his kinsmen,

mother and father but God the Father

and to His son our Savior Christ Jesus

there was a special love.


Meanwhile the whores of all descriptions

laughed and cried. They nurtured great

love affairs with man who has no power.


The harlots and whores reeked in popularity

as they paid tribute to those that came with no

sacrifice. Their laughter would one day be tears.


Meanwhile most of humankind including the

sinners as all were not perfect loved everything

of the world. This love of things weird was

also found among the church folk.


As fatal and deadly was the promiscuous love

affair with Satan among the lost sinners even

more deadly is the illicit love affair with evil

among those knocking down church doors.


The Preachers wallowed in an addiction to a

life style that hail their fraternity as superior

to that all encompassing order of God our Father.


However there was no democracy in Heaven

are at Heavens door. Here the majority did not

rule. There is Godís Law and manís law.


The record in these times of the last hours,

minutes, and seconds saw great numbers coming

slothful and ragged with things antagonistic to the Law

on soiled bloody hands and lips.


So no doubt John laughed and he also cried.

However he had never found an adobe in

Sodom nor Gomorrah. He could not drag

those acclaiming a calling from the casinos

and dens of pleasures where the wicked laid,


Prostrate to evil and played games that would

end in time. Satanís roulette was played with

the Law.


This was a criminal love and it was a capital offense.

Why did so many deny the Law and love the world?

The record foretold of such crimes and foolishness.

But just how can the sane indulge in illicit love?





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